“It’s Spreading Like A Plague”

People are slowly coming to grips with recognizing the existence of the emotional plague even if it is only understood metaphorically.  Commenting on the demonstrations against the Western World that are spreading like wildfire across the Middle and Far East countries, the so-called Arab Spring, one commentator on television (The O’Reilly Factor, 9/14/12) actually referred to it as a plague.  What made it apparent to the commentator that the demonstrations are similar to an actual medical plague was the element of contagion from one country to another.

Before a rational and effective response can be taken to contain the destructiveness of any manifestation of the emotional plague, it must first be recognized and treated as a physical disease and it’s method of operation must be clearly understood.   Unfortunately, people today are still a long way from being able to take this major step in their thinking.  The Arab Spring is an organized attack that is being nourished and sustained by the groundswell of the material wants and the sexual frustrations of the masses of poverty stricken and sexually starved Islamic people.  Their personal hatreds are being successfully harnessed and channeled against America and the West by seasoned emotional plague characters belonging to radical Islamic organizations like al Qaeda.

This channeling of their hatred against America is exacerbated when the president of the United States regularly makes gratuitous apologetic statements about America’s shortcomings to Third World countries.  In so doing, he shows that he has absolutely no understanding of the dynamic forces at work between America and Muslim nations. Making America appear culpable places our nation in a weak (masochistic) position in relation to other countries and a sado-masochistic relationship is set up between them. This highly pathological, volatile relationship between America and Muslim nations fuels the flames of the emotional plague by exciting the unconscious, sexually frustrated, sadistic impulses of the islamic younger generation to be directed against us.  It is no wonder that Muslims become emboldened to attack our embassies and call for the America Government to apologize for all sorts of scurrilous charges.  This is an example of how the emotional plague from the Right becomes aggravated by seemingly innocent political remarks made by an American president who is clearly on the political Left.


  1. What this is about is a president who swore to uphold the Constitution who is now caving to Islamic Law through the de facto criminalization of denigrating Islam.


  2. I have come to realize in the last while that getting Americans to wake up “individually” to the insidious infestation of the pseudo-liberal movement which infects in their own lives and in the institutions which protect the freedoms they have will be virtually impossible without the guidance of the bio-social psychiatric.

    Who else can provide the context and words needed to explain the both irrational rage (the acting out of real personal frustrations in the most vicious and deadly manner under the guise of religious insult) and the inherent problems with the first amendment when people can not distinguish between primary and secondary expressions.

  3. What to do against Islamist supremacism and the emotional plague in general? Robert Spencer’s answer is quite simple: stay firm and destroy, thus, the mind and will of the adversary. “This far and no inch further!”:

    This is how Reagan destroyed the Red empire and, by default, this is how Obama destroys the West.

  4. While it is true that a few individuals may use the correct term (i.e. plague) to describe the emotional plague outbreak in the middle east, I am pretty sure that this term can not be used to rally support for the fight that needs to be won against the attack on the American “way of life”,

    In simple terms the American way of life is based on the following:
    The American Constitution and the healthy aspects of American culture (i.e.individual personal and economic freedoms).

    In order to defend the above from attack and eventual defeat (i.e. loss of those freedoms), enough significant people will have to be drawn to a cause more focused in nature than “the emotional plague”.

    As I mentioned in a previous comment a sustained, more narrow focus is essential.

    Obviously the bio-social psychiatrist (the expert in the subject of the emotional plague) will to have to be an accepted part of this group of “leaders” at the forefront of the fight.

    The acceptance will be based on his expertise in 3 different realms
    (psychological, social and biological). I have left out the deeper cosmic realm because it is not useful to the other participants in this battle.

    Most people have a comprehension of the three words in the title I propose. This is why it is will be socially acceptable and understandable. No real explanation is needed. The words will not cause any necessary discomfort to others drawn to the cause. In the social arena, when preparing for a significant battle or undertaking, this is a prerequisite (i.e. sustained narrow focus).

    Even though Americans are in a similar position today as they were in the 1930’s with regards to the 1940’s and World War II, the current battle for survival will need to be fought in a different way than those against Hitler, Japan etc.

    The amalgamation of the pseudo-liberal movement and the Islamist jihad calls for a two fold strategy as you clearly point out:
    1) Detection of the attack from within (Pseudo-liberal movement)
    2) Protection of attack from the outside (Islamist jihad)

    All of words and terms that are used to describe the current manifestation of an emotional plague outbreak will need to be understood by those who have a clear understanding of the freedoms that need protecting.

    The emotional plague encompasses even greater freedoms than are implied in the current set of freedoms that Americans need to protect.

    That is why I think that it will be the bio-social psychiatrist using the more understandable term of bio-social dysfunction who will be considered the expert psychiatrist among the current crop of “freedom fighter” leaders that have emerged over the last decade or so.

    I come to this conclusion based on my personal experience in individual therapy. It mattered not if I understood what the therapist was saying in terms of the technicalities of my treatment – only that we had the same goal (i.e. to restore my capacity to function in the healthiest fashion that I was capable of). As my own personal “battle” took shape, I was drawn to learn more.

    At minimum this would also apply to the functioning of a social system (in this case the U.S.A). I also believe that the social arena has some different rules that govern its “treatment”.

    This is why the term emotional plague needs to be “simplified” and expressed to the public in more socially acceptable and understandable words until the “peace” has been restored.

    If the bio-social psychiatrist has been seen as an integral part of the winning of this fight against the current outbreak of the EP, then many will naturally seek out the field of study from where he came.

    This may be just some fantastical idea that I came up with which has little chance of materializing in the near future or there may be more to it than that. Time will tell.

  5. Typo error from my last comment – there may be others but here is the most glaring ones I found during a a quick reread.

    Most people have a comprehension of the three words in the title I propose. This is why it will be socially acceptable and understandable. No real explanation is needed. The words will not cause any unnecessary discomfort to others drawn to the cause. In the social arena, when preparing for a significant battle or undertaking, this is a prerequisite (i.e. sustained narrow focus).

    • Thank you, Steven. I enjoyed your response/comment.

  6. Thank you, Dr. K!

  7. Dr. Konia
    Below you will find a link to an interview with Thomas Sowell from a few days ago.

    Having read some of his writings in the Journal of Orgonomy, I hope I can safely assume your appreciation of the quality and content of his work.

    Around the 16th minute in the 39 minute interview, the interviewer asks the following question: “When did this sharp partisan difference emerge? What happened? Sowell’s response is “The second half of the 20th C and in response to why he answers ” I guess the democratic party shifted more to the left.

    In a previously posted comment I quote another fellow at the Hoover Institute, Bruce Thornton, who asked the following question in an article he wrote on the contradictions of classic liberalism and today’s progressive version of liberalism:
    “We may never know why this contradiction inhabits the lib/prog mind, but one thing we do know: it’s not liberal and it’s not progressive in any meaningful sense of those words. So anyone have a suggestion for what we should call it?”

    As I, in collaboration of a good friend, put together a long list of rational but insufficient reactions, such as these, to the pseudo-liberal movement induced calamity that we are facing, it becomes increasingly obvious that there is a real and necessary NEED for the bio-social psychiatrist to fill in today’s world.

    Many people are expressing their concern, in many different forms, due the fact that they have not been exposed to any new and factually accurate answers to this burning question (to quote Vince Lombardi in the early days of his coaching tenure with the Green Bay Packers):
    “What the hell is going on out here?”

    There is obviously some work to be done in addressing this specific issue for this specific need which has dramatically increased in the U.S. due to people’s :direct” and constant exposure to the pseudo-liberal movement in the form of the Obama presidency.

    I think that it is possible to make the necessary adjustments and find the best methods in the short term so that the possibility of bridging this specific gap that exists between the factual findings expressed in your book and the “missing piece of the puzzle” that is expressed clearly in Thornton’s question and Sowell’s insufficient response to the interviewer.

    There are many others out there in this unique category of influential and brilliant rational thinkers who could use some help so that their work and efforts don’t go to waste.

    This is a golden opportunity -the conditions are ripe

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