Welcome To The World Of Islam

In order to make sense of what is going on between the Muslim world and the West, an understanding of socio-political characterology is essential.  As long as the authoritarian social order in the West was intact, the Muslim world’s sleep was not disturbed. With the anti-authoritarian transformation of Western society which began around 1960, a polarization and a cultural clash slowly developed between the two worlds.  This was because the anti-authoritarian transformation in the West with the help of the pseudo-liberal/communist character  resulted in a marked shift to the far Left in the socio-political spectrum in these countries.  Since the Muslim world continued to remain unmoved on the far Right of center, this shift widened the already existing cultural gap between them:  The West shifted to the extreme left while the Muslim world continued to  remain unchanged on the extreme Right.

The shift to the Left  in Western culture resulted in the breakdown of  social traditions in every area including particularly a loosening of sexual mores and a decline in personal responsibility.  The permissive attitudes opened the floodgates for the expression of all sorts of secondary destructive impulses in the West which included anti-authoritarian disparaging remarks against each and every form of traditional social institution including the Islamic religion.

This brought about social conditions that were favorable for the eruption of an emotional plague reaction of global proportions.  The Muslim world responded to this behavior on the part of the Left-dominated West in a way that would be expected for the Right, viscerally.  They reacted violently to it as a provocation depending on how far they were characterologically on the right.  Those who were farthest on the Right, the Black Fascists and  the Reactionaries, reacted explosively to the provocation by destroying properties that they saw as symbols of Western influence while those who were less extremist, the conservatives and extreme conservatives, responded less militantly, by preserving the Muslim religion and way of life through peaceful means.

The global aspect of the emotional plague was now in place for the organized elements of Muslim Fascist groups, such as the extreme Right Salafis and al Qaeda, to enter and drum up Muslim outrage spreading the eruption from one country to another.

The fascist Muslim on the Right is active in physically fighting the pseudo-liberal/communist on the Left since he sees him as a rival for the world domination they both seek and as a threat to his essential mysticism (distorted core contact).  By contrast, the pseudo-liberal/communist goes about his solution differently (through his intellect) because he has an essentially mechanistic character structure (lack of core contact). Both political extremes share the same end. They differ only in the means of achieving it.


  1. That’s the most well-said thing i ‘ve ever read upon the whole west-east question. But i cannot share it with anyone. In most Greek facebook communities (where i ‘m from), posting a link to this surprisingly simple and clear article would mean only trouble. Greece never knew firsthand what red-fascists-on-government can do, so for most people today, merely saying ”communist character” as something negative automatically classifies one as neo-nazi – or criminal-ish far right at best. My whole family and friends would be ”seriously concerned” if i quote anything bad about communism on any social network. Time and again i had no choice but halt my enthusiasm, not posting on facebook some of those articles. Which probably means you are doing something right…

    • The problem in Greece is that the destructive secondary layer in the person of the pseudo-liberal/communist character has been legitimized to such an extent that you are considered crazy for attacking it. The first thing that you must do is to show that and how the destructive secondary layer has been legitimized. This hopefully will bring people into contact with the problem. Good luck!

      • A distinction between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist is essential to show how the secondary destructive layer has been legitimized in the public’s mind. The section in my books, The Emotional Plague and Neither Left Nor Right on socio-political characterology will be helpful to you.

      • Marcos, Also see my editorial on this site: “Where Have All the Communists Gone?” It might be of help.

  2. Markos, I agree

    I don’t think it is possible to find this type of clear, accurate and deep social analysis anywhere else.

    Thanks Dr. Konia, it can never be said enough.

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