The Biological Origin Of Political Correctness

From a sociological perspective, political correctness is defined as the distorted expression of Marxist ideas translated from economics into cultural terms.  Since Marxists and other leftists live almost entirely from the destructive secondary and superficial layers of their bio-psychic structure, it follows that from a biological perspective political correctness is the expression of impulses and ideas originating from the destructive secondary layer that are made socially acceptable by passing through the superficial layer (the defensive use of intellect.)

An example of political correctness is given in the article,  Muslims, Mormons and Liberals ( Wall Street Journal, September 18, 2012) by Bret Stephens. He describes the audience’s response of roaring laughter while watching Mormons being ridiculed and made the butt of obscene jokes in the Broadway Musical, “The Book of Mormons.” He contrasts this response to the liberal establishment’s denouncing of a video clip of a film, “Innocence of Muslims” which depicts slurs made against the Muslim religion.  Leftists across America  called the video “reprehensible and disgusting” and laid sole blame on it for inciting the rioting throughout most of the Muslim world .  Stephens concludes that in the consensus of American liberalism, it is hilarious to mock Mormons and Mormonism but outrageous to mock Muslims and Islam.  He asks cogently, could it be because ” nobody has ever been harmed, much less killed, making fun of Mormons?”

Without knowledge of socio-political characterology, Stephen’s question goes to the heart of the character structure of all leftists: Since they operate from their superficial layer (intellect), they have little or no ability to tolerate physical aggression from their core (which includes the voluntary musculature) and, therefore, they are terrified of and unable to forcefully stand up to the fascist Muslim uprisings on the Right.  Instead, they respond passively  by appeasing and placating them and, at the same time, they displace their unconscious  hatred of Western authority onto benign institutions on the Right such as the  Mormons who are not feared and are therefore seen as safe to attack.

This example is given to illustrate that in order to truly understand socio-political behavior and attitudes and what is going on in our sick world, an in-depth knowledge of the biologically based, emotional roots of  socio-political characterology is essential.


  1. Perhaps somewhat off topic:

    It is quite bothersome that the critical phase in the decay of the West always occurred under conservative (or rather pseudo-conservative) administrations. Take Germany: There was the alleged “Christian conservative” Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1980s and 90s) under whose reign the point of no return in the destruction of the German nation was reached: the creation of the EUSSR, the Euro disaster, the flooding of Germany with Turks, Kurds, and Arabs, moral decay beyond imagination, even the destruction of the German language by way of an Orwellian idiotic new orthography. I do not believe that a pseudo-liberal could have done more damage to the Fatherland! Actually it was the Social Democratic Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (the successor of Kohl) who pushed through welfare reform similar to what Congress forced onto Clinton. Similar things as about Kohl could be said about Nixon/Ford and the two Bushs. My nightmare is that Romney could do “leftist things” Obama could not do like, e.g., opening the last gates for the complete Hispanisation of the US in the name of “enlightened and caring conservatism”. (Again: “Only Nixon could go to China!”)

    Any comment from the viewpoint of socio-political characterology?

    • The solution is neither left nor right. You have shown that the plague is endemic in both sides of the socio-political spectrum. My forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right, makes this clear

  2. The Islamic take-over of America by Islamic Nazis. Or as Hussein O. said: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (Can anyone even imagine what would have happened if this alleged President of the US had said: “The future must not belong to those who slander our Lord Jesus Christ”?!)

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