Socialist Longing

In his September 26, 2012 New York Times article “Backlash to the Backlash,” columnist Thomas Friedman writes glowingly about the response of moderate Muslims throughout the Islamic world that have decried the latest attacks of extremist  fanatics on the West.  He finds it heartening to see Libyans carrying signs like ” We want justice for Chris [Stephens]” (the murdered American Ambassador to Libya) and ” no more al Qaeda” – and demanding that armed militias disband.

It is all well and good for this writer to express lofty sentiments about the Muslim backlash but they are of no use in preventing future attacks or an escalation of the violence much less in providing an understanding of what is actually happening inside Islamic countries.  Friedman’s is a typical example of the true liberal’s and the socialist’s heartfelt longing for a better world, a hope that  that is based on the illusion that all human beings are perfectible by turning a blind eye to the very real destructive forces ( the emotional plague) that are operative in armored  people.

The liberal’s longing and hope does nothing to stop the forces of fascist Muslims on the Right from pursuing their social agenda for violent world domination.  On the Left, the pseudo-liberal/ communist, Barack Obama, in his thirst for power panders to these idle wishes of liberals by regularly  pretending to offer hope and promises for a changed, better world that will come about when he succeeds in reaching out with his peace overtures to  Muslim fanatics. Would that it was that easy.


  1. Dr. Konia

    My comment is not specifically related to what you wrote about Thomas Friedman’s article but more a continuation of some thoughts about how to bridge the gap so that the gold mine of social orgonomy can be of use in today’s world to combat today’s problems.

    Character formation, as a result of the development of chronic armor, is a basic survival mechanism for the individual

    In the social realm, the Social Agreement is a basic survival mechanism for individuals living with groups of other individuals

    Social agreements are the basis for people living together. They are usually more powerful than even the laws of the land.

    A great example of a social agreement that is more influential than the law of the land is the advent of “political correctness”.

    Everyone is affected by the social agreements of a society whether they agree with them or not.

    Just as the facade represents the surface of the individual character structure, the social agreement represents the surface of the social system.

    The bio-social psychiatrist’s work has to begin with changing the social agreements in place that are destructive to the society and the individuals in that society.

    There is no where else to start.

    When enough people of influence (a group which would need to include a bio-social psychiatrist) can manage to focus everyone’s attention on the most “vulnerable” (i.e. “easy” to change) destructive social agreement for a sustained period of time (i.e. for whatever length of time is necessary to institute the necessary change to the particular destructive social agreement) then the current social degradation will begin to abate and there will be some rational hope for survival of the American Constitution and the freedoms embodied in the document.

    • Working from the surface and focusing on today’s morality of political correctness is the way to address our social armor.

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