You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Either free speech is a First Amendment Right or it is not.  President Obama is in favor of criminalizing anyone  who says anything negative against the Muslim faith.  Muslim fanatics, on the other hand, are at war with non-Muslims and are committed  to murder all those who do not convert to and unconditionally  believe in the Muslim faith.

The lines are drawn for all to see.  The parallel in the contradiction that existed between Nazi ideology and the Free World during the 1930s and what is happening today is painfully obvious and yet, few people are willing to see it.  The political Left’s appeasing the Nazis led Hitler to believe that he could get away with his military agenda to take over Europe and the world.  It led to the horror of the Second World War.  By Obama on the Left sending the same message to Islamic fanatics on the Right is another recipe for social disaster.

Because the plague had not taken its toll and destroyed America, the Second World War against Nazi ideology was successfully won.  Today, with the plagues infestation deep into American life, the outcome of the war against Islamic ideology is not certain.

The fanatics are crystal clear about the irreconcilable contradiction between their belief system and that of the West and their goal to destroy Western life.  The leader of the Western World, Barack Obama, does not appear to be aware of this: The emotional plague from the Left is now in league with the emotional plague from the Right and, as a result, the  plague is consolidating internationally.  It’s function is to destroy the freedom of billions of people in the Western World by tightening it’s grip around the throat of human life from the Left and the Right.


  1. It is all very well to present a diagnosis, but it would be more helpful if you had any solution to suggest besides voting for right-wing candidates. A plan of action that could contribute to solving the problem would be most welcome.

    An excellent fictional account of how to deal effectively with an archaic culture highly resistant to modernization is the three-volume series, Blackmans Burden, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, and The Best Ye Breed, by the late Mack Reynolds, who lived for some years in Timbuktu and was very familiar with North African cultures.

    In these novels, written in the 1960s and set at an unspecified time in the not-too-distant future, a small group of African-American aid workers are faced with the problem of North African cultures that refuse to modernize and solve it by creating a fictional hero based on previously-existing tropes in their culture and by starting rumors, passing their invented character off as real. One of the Americans ultimately takes on the permanent role of the created hero and uses the influence it gives him to start the long process of undermining the old ways and bringing the North Africans the modernization they need.

    • You present an unrealistic way that the problem might be solved. In The Emotional Plague I present a more realistic but more therapeutic solution that goes to the heart of the problem of the Islam people, one that will under the best circumstances take generations to accomplish.

    • There is no time anymore for philosophical discussions on this topic. The immigration of Moslems to western countries must be stopped immediately. All western countries have to re-introduce the visa duty and control this strictly in future.

      • There are several problems with that suggestion. First, there are already large Moslem minorities in most western countries, and many of them were born there. Do you think it would be viable to just strip individuals of their citizenship in the countries they were born in because of their religion? Or even because of their parent’s religion since many young people of Middle Eastern descent do not practice the religion they were brought up in?

        But even if you limit the definition of “Moslems” to those born in another country, how do you distinguish between the ones who believe in and practice the religion prevailing in that country, and those who want to migrate to the west to get away from it? Would you just label anyone from a predoninently Moslem country a “Moslem, regardless of his personal religious beliefs? Would you place the same obstacles in the way of immigration of Eygptian Coptic Christians and Iranian Jews or Lebanese Christians, for example, because they are from “Moslem” countries?

        And, since visas are required according to nationality, not religion, what would do you do about Moslems from countries where Moslems are not the Majority? How would you keep out a French citizen who is a Moslem? Or A British citizen who is a Moslem? Do you ignore their passport and discriminate according to physical appearance and ancestry? Or do you have a test of what they believe such as requiring them to drink a glass of wine or eat a ham sandwich to prove they do not follow Moslem religious rules?

        Then there is the whole separate issue of people fleeing from persecution and possible death in their country of origin. Are you going to send them back because they are Moslems? Even if they belong to minority groups that are being persecuted by other Moslem groups and sects?

        From such examples, we can see that the border is not the place to set up obstacle to Moslem immigration. The practice of countries such as France, which bans religiously distinctive headgear and other symbols in schools, regardless of religion, or Holland, which insists on Immigrant women learning to speak Dutch and being told their legal rights, is a far better way to ensure that immigrants assimilate into the mainstream culture without compromising western core values like freedom of religion or political asylum.

  2. Victor
    There are no magical solutions

    If you care about your own well being and that of the people close to you, you may want to get informed on the following:

    1) The Frankfurt School from the 1920’s in Germany – its brilliant but evil insight and introduction of critical theory – the success that critical theory has had in unhinging the foundations of the U.S. constitution (i.e. the Pseudo-liberal movement)

    2) How the irrational rage expressed by those under the influence of Islam indoctrination is a “natural” ally to the pseudo-liberal movement in the western democracies (but more importantly in the U.S.).

    Both factions raison d’etre is to destroy the few freedoms humans have been able to attain over the centuries. They don’t have a choice. Emotionally they can not co-exist with the freedoms available to people in the western world. It causes them too much emotional distress

    The pseudo-liberal movement is the attack from within our borders and the Islamists will provide the physical (i.e irrational rage) force necessary to finish the job.

    Chapter 8 in Dr. Konia’s book provides a in depth bio-social understanding of what I have outlined.

    The happenings in the middle east and north Africa over the last few days provide a factual documentation of the above.

    If nothing is done to deal with the present dangerous circumstance, the results will devastating to everyone who has any sense of and appreciation for the history of humankind and its struggles to insure the few precious freedoms we have,

    Billions have inhabited the planet but very few have experienced freedom. Just take a quick look a population chart of the world. Add up the people who live in countries where you would like to move to someday and then compare that with the few countries that still have some freedoms as a part of the fabric of the country.

    If that doesn’t give you instant perspective on the task at hand then numbers aren’t your thing.

    It all sounds so dramatic and even somewhat paranoid – I wish it was

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