On Recognizing and Treating the Emotional Plague

In order to effectively treat this malignant social disease of armored humans its symptoms must first be recognized as existing and operating simultaneously between socio-political forces of the political left and the right and that it can exist on all social levels from the individual to national and international levels of organization. For example, it is often not possible to recognize the destructive consequences taking place between a plague-ridden political leader and the masses of people who are supporting and being led by him. The reason for this is that the relationship between the plague leader and the plague-ridden masses, a pathological, dynamic one of attractive opposition, is not recognized. In fact, both are component social symptoms of the disease, emotional plague. One force cannot exist without the operation of the other. Today, the social consequence of this opposing, political relationship is bringing down and will eventually destroy the once greatness of this nation. Bringing politics into social problems of armored humans is the latest defensive symptom of ocularly armored people’s manuver at distracting themselves by looking outward through their defensive ideologies and thereby avoiding looking inward to face their personal problems. With the help of the news media, this brings the emotional plague through political activity to new heights into public life.


  1. Dear Dr. Konia,

    Thank you for putting your clear perspective of this tragedy into simple straightforward language. For your unfailing stand for Life I am forever

    Debby Cohen

  2. Ask the doctor:
    Is the goal of orgastic potency still sought in psychiatric orgone therapy, or is this goal no longer determinative in today’s world?

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