The Lefts Mystical Attack On the Supreme Court

For the political left, the intellect reigns supreme. However, the opposite is also true. The intellect can also be used in its defensive function as propaganda, a symptom of the emotional plague, for gaining political power and control over others. This has been amply demonstrated in the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become a U.S. Supreme Court associate justice, in Washington, on March 23, 2022 (See Roger L Simon’s article in The Epoch Times on March 23, 2022). For example, when asked to define the word “woman,” she became evasive and responded. by saying “I can’t.” The reason she gave was that she is not a biologist which was another evasion. The real reason that she did not answer the question is that she is a progressive (old-time communist) ideologue. That is, her mind is made up about the way the world of humans including their sexuality should be like according to her pre-formed views, not the way it really is. From a bio-psychiatric perspective, her belief system is a cognitive disturbance, a symptom of ocular armor, and is the reason that she can never be in touch with the reality of the way things actually are in the world. For her, words and ideas like “transgender” have replaced reality and been given a mystical life and meaning of their own, a substitute for reality.

Simon’s calling Jackson’s responses to the hearing a Big Lie is another way of moralizing what is happening and another evasion that functions to conceal recognition of the ideological war consisting of the emotional plague’s operation between the political left and the right in America today.

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