The Buffalo Massacre: One More Unrecognized Symptom of the Emotional plague

Before any disease can be treated it must first be accurately identified. The emotional plague is a social disease of armored people that thrives in everyday life and, yet, the masses continue to be oblivious of it and deny its existence. Keeping it unacknowledged and out of public awareness by politicizing its manifestations and blaming it on the left or the right is an unconscious defensive tactic of armored humans, a powerful ocular symptom that serves to maintain the plague’s daily operation and keep this malignant, socially invasive disease unrecognized and in existence everywhere. The plague will continue its destructiveness until it is publicly recognized, diagnosed and treated as a real bio-social disease of armored humans.


  1. Dr. Konia,
    Thank you. Your post sustains me.
    Debby Cohen

  2. At least Christians have some mystically distorted feeling for what is really happening:

  3. Excellent point about how blaming things on left or right serves to avoid recognition of the plague. Such a simple and “obvious” mistake, and yet we all continuously make it, and as a result we are fumbling around in the dark and on the surface of things instead of going deeper. I’m astonished to reflect on the fact that even those of us who understand that there is such a thing as the plague and think about it daily nevertheless continue to make these errors. Thank you for addressing our ocular difficulties, Dr. Konia, and for pointing out that our emperors are wearing no clothes.

  4. Dr. Konia, is it accurate to say that the plague has right and left manifestations? And if so, would it be accurate to say that at least in this sense, the plague is the CFP of left and right?

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