Another Marriage of Convenience of the Emotional Plague May 28, 2022.

With Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, the black fascist character and Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin has found it necessary to demonstrate a temporary marriage of convenience with its hated rival for world domination, the red fascist regime and its counterpart, communist China, against their common enemy, America and the free world. This was an emotional plague tactic and a political step reminiscent of the pact that Hitler made with the communist dictator Josef Stalin prior to the Nazi’s invasion of Russia at the start of the Second World War. The current example demonstrated to the world the affinity that the fascist dictators and forms of government have for each other and that both forms of fascism, black and red, and corressponding political character types, are one and the same. They are not seen by the mystically led clueless masses for who they really are either before they are are given power by their people, when they are doing their social and political mischief or often even afterwards.


  1. Thank you Dr. Konia for this, and all of your posts. Can you explain a bit about why the black and red EP characters/regimes enter this “temporary marriage of convenience?”… How does it serve them?
    Thank you.
    Lexi Packer

    • They both operate from their destructive secondary layer. Their only differsnce is the means through which they achieve their ends. The fascist, like Putin, does this openly and overtly. The communist does it covertly and this is not readily recognized by the clueless, leftist indoctrinated masses, because it is covered over by their leftist ideology from their superficial layer of being for the “good” of everyone, i.e., “heaven on earth{“.

      • If I understand it correctly they both hate the free world and both want world domination … each operating from their secondary layer but use different tactics… I thought they also present themselves as if they are allies when in fact they’re not…. they’d throw the other under the bus in a heartbeat… If that is true, I’m wondering why would they pretend they are united …

      • The emotional plague pretends to be united for its own ultimate goal of world domination and destruction. The function of temporary alliances serves this goal.

      • Thank you. Now I understand!

      • They pretend to be united when they sense they feel threatened by their common enemy, America.

      • Thank you for your further explanation.

    • Another thought: Being associated in the minds go the mystical Russian people with the Russian Orthodox Church, Tsar Putin can do no wrong.

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