The Unrecognized Stepwise Invasion of the Emotional Plague Into Personal and Social Life. May, 30, 2022.

How can the existence of the emotional plague be recognized as a socially destructive human disease when the biological importance of emotions in regulating human social life is not generally understood?

A major function of the plague’s destructive operation in social life is to deny and eliminate the importance that emotions play in regulating human social life. The psychiatric profession has successfully done its part in accomplishing this step by ignoring a natural scientific, functional understanding of human emotional life that is provided by medical orgonomy and treating people’s emotional disorders exclusively with pharmacological agents.

As a result of the plague’s operation of obfuscation, the masses of people today believe that their personal emotionally based problems are insignificant and the result of biochemical disorders exclusively in the brain. This generally unrecognized consequence of mechanistic thinking is a symptom of the emotional plague’s operation in people’s daily life. It furthers people’s illusion that they have no responsibility in the emotionally based personal and social problems that govern their individual and social lives. It intensifies people’s already present high level of ocular armor in preventing perspective of what is happening emotionally within themselves and in todays world.

The first step is for people to recognize from a natural scientific perspective the importance of emotions in governing their lives. Then it can be possible to take the second step, to recognize the existence and operation of the emotional plague. The practice of psychotropic medication in many cases functions defensively in an opposite manner, to evade recognizing people’s personally based emotional problems and the belief that drugs are the answer to people’s problems.

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