Emotionally Sick People, Not Guns, Kill People. June 6, 2022.

Focusing on guns as the reason for why people kill is a manifestation of armored human thinking, another symptom of the emotional plague. The focus on guns is a politically based evasion that prevents people from seeing what is happening around them. The process of a person becoming a socially destructive adult starts early in the developmental, childhood years. It has nothing to do with politics.

It takes parents raising children in an emotionally contactful healthy manner that prevents the development of armor In children and its many socially destructive consequences from being expressed as adults. Without applying the knowledge that is available today to the whole of society, child development will continue to be disturbed in varying degrees and some children will become prone to socially destructive behavior in one form or another. Since this is a bio-social, not a political problem, knowledge of emotional human life and development, healthy and pathological, is essential.

In cases of mass shootings, the shooter often issues warning signs telling the world that something destructive is about to happen. It is their desperate, psychotic attempt to retain emotional contact with the real world. Because of the general public’s clueless mind-set, these signs fall on deaf ears until the threatened, tragic event actually takes place.

In the past authoritarian era, things were different. Emotionally crippled, dysfunctional people were usually recognized as mentally ill, and could be responsibly cared for in psychiatric hospitals.

Thanks to the anti-authoritarian transformation of society, the popularization of psychotropic medications and today’s ‘freedom-for-all’ social mantra in the rules of social behavior, institutions no longer exist for the care of this severely dysfunctional segment of the population.

Legislation advocating gun control is simply a misdirected political solution. It is an evasion and another, unrecognized symptom of the emotionally armored politicians’ interference into public life in maintaining their political power.


  1. I would like to ask Dr.Konia who in our society today can recognize these mentally ill people and help them?
    Shouldn’t both areas be addressed?
    Help for mentally ill is a definite problem.
    Until this happens wouldn’t restrictions on
    certain types of guns at least limit the number of people killed at one time.

  2. Thank you. This is so well said and so important – The tragedy of the loss of responsible parenting and the ascension of, as you state, emotionally armored politicians.

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