Politicization is the Plague’s Preferred Method of Destruction for America, June 12, 2021.

From the anti-authoritarian transformation of America that started in the 1960’s we have learned that the emotional plague’s best way to destroy this nation is by dividing it along political lines. Coincidentally, this was the time when the U.S. Supreme Court legitimized communism, which in the past had been generally acknowledged as the expression of human evil. Today, it is considered to be benign, just another form of politics. This was a major step that allowed the emotional plague of mankind, which previously had been contained in people’s destructive secondary layer, to be freely expressed through politics from the social surface. A result was that it permitted political candidates with communist related, past affiliations to be elected to Congress as ordinary candidates. Today, the communist party in America, CPUSA, is protected and placed on an equal footing with any other political party.

Simultaneously, from a functional viewpoint, the 60’s was the time when the relationship of the American two party system, the Democratic and Republican Party’s, changed from one of attractive opposition to one of antagonistic opposition. This change in their relationship made it increasingly impossible for members of both parties to politically work together for the best interests of the American nation.

This subject is covered in my forthcoming book: “The Demise of Politics: A Book of Blogs.”

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