Q. How is the Emotional Plague Recognized?

A. By knowing that people are damned if they do something about it and damned if they don’t.

For example, in the current looting and destructiveness that is going on in Portland, Oregon, the public is damned if they try to stop it with police action and they are damned if they don’t.

The emotional plague operates by generating immobilization and confusion. It is recognized by its destructive effects on human life. The plague’s recognition and eradication depend on people learning a new way of thinking, functional thinking, about social matters, and not being stuck in their old, moralistic thinking of “right” versus “wrong”.


  1. Excellent post, Dr. Konia. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome

  2. Any connection to Greek tragedy which became part of American pop culture via Marvel comics? Explains this the fascination with Spider Man etc.?

    German Wikipedia: Greek tragedy deals with the fateful entanglement of the protagonist, who has gotten into such a hopeless situation that he can only become guilty by any action. The approaching catastrophe, which is becoming ever more apparent, cannot be averted despite the great efforts of those involved. The tragic character is also described with the attribute “guiltlessly guilty.”

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