What is the Black Lives Movement About?

The Black Lives Movement is an example of an old communist tactic.

  1. A rallying cry for unity of rebellious people of all ages, black and white, who are dissatisfied with themselves and end up blaming the current social order for their own, personal problems. Remember the old communist slogan: “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”
  2. An act of provocation by these anti-authoritarian rebellious people of our nation designed to get a hostile reaction out of the older generation of authority figures and bring a conflict between them to the social surface so that the hated society can be brought down.


  1. Yes. And they are destroying themselves in the process but cannot see it. It is terrifying and tragic, for everyone.

    • Yet, no one sees that it is the emotional plague that is behind it.

      • Correct. Lots of people think Trump is behind it.

      • The plague thrives on confusion.

  2. Attorney General William Barr says Antifa Wants ‘Socialism, Communism’ in America


  3. Brilliant as ever Dr. Konia got straight to the essential aspects of this whole mess. The most stunning and frightening aspect of these two points is that they are nothing but Reich’s original sexpol approach 1928-1934: (1) politicize the personal (the sexual, especially) and (2) mobilize the youth against authority. In MURDER OF CHRIST (1953) Reich argued that it was a blessing that he had failed in his efforts 20 years before because a success then would have meant the end of humanity simply because this is the surest way to destroy armor on a mass scale in the most chaotic and disastrous way. Therefore, today is the time orgonomy is more important and more significant than ever before because it is the only approach which can safe us. The only hope left. The importance of Dr. Konia’s blog is unfathomable. Tragically nobody sees it – and nobody sees why it’s so important.

  4. Well said Peter

    I would add that the ability for anyone to accept the functional concept of bio-emotional health is still an extreme long shot and will be for the foreseeable future (decades, centuries?). As a result the biosocial disease named the emotional plague will remain way beyond the reach of the overwhelming majority.

    This does not mean that the knowledge that we are privileged to have access to that flows from functional thinking can’t be passed on to many who could be of help in applying this method of thinking to deal with, in a practical manner, outbreaks of the emotional plague like we are currently experiencing.

    I also have a concern that the visible and more direct expression of anti-authoritarianism (i.e. BLM, Antifa, violence, rioting, hoodlum activity and criminality) is drawing sufficient attention from the dire circumstances regarding the over reaction by politicians and medical bureaucrats to Covid-19. Without an acknowledgement from civil authorities (however unlikely this is to occur) that they have caused unnecessary harm to the general population due to their ongoing mandates, we will be stuck with another failed social experiment that set a dangerous precedent for future viral outbreaks and social life in general.

    A good portion of the population have already incorporated some very irrational beliefs and modes of behavior into their daily lives. The fear of death aspect to these beliefs will leave them much more vulnerable to future irrational dictates.
    How can we possibly expect a more rational social life to re-emerge if a good portion of the population is terrified of a virus that produces a similar death rate to the seasonal flu. The list of flawed thinking that has resulted from the pandemic mess is too long list here.

    The changes that have occurred from the Covid-19 world wide reaction provides a much clearer example of how a bio-social disease can spread from civil authorities and social institutions to the general population than the transformation from an authoritarian to an anti-authoritarian society. The former happened in a matter of months is easier to document and observe than the latter which has been evolving for over a half a century.

    Cleaning up the problems from the more recent social problem will help in the future to deal with the more long term destructiveness of the anti-authoritarianism.

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