The Other, More Deadly, Pandemic

Everyone recognizes and is concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic but no-one is aware of an even more deadly human disease, the current social outbreak of the emotional plague that is running like wildfire throughout America. This plague is destroying our society by dividing people and turning them against each other. The public’s cluelessness about this other plague is a symptom of their ocular armor – they simply cannot see it – and this is directly responsible for the rise in people’s anxiety verging on panic, loss of self-control, confusion and the many acts of social destructiveness in the form of rioting, looting, heightened political activity that is running rampant and being encouraged by pundits, politicians and the political agitators on the left across the nation. And, no one is able to ask or understand why all this is happening.


  1. This short crystal clear 6 minute video gives the best conventional thinker’s version of the current outbreak of the emotional plague. Bridging the gap between this presentation and functional thinking is the great challenge of our times.

  2. The “liberal” economist Robert Reich on Twitter:

    The coronavirus is completely out of control in the U.S. We should lock down the whole nation for the month of August and start over again. If Italy can do it, why can’t we?

    Destroy everything (with how many deaths, “collateral damage?”) and “start over again.” This is Leninism in the disguise of “medicine”.

  3. What is mechanistic or mystical thinking in the pandemic? For example, denying the virus or its dangerousness, that could be mystical. Or this hard lockdown could be mechanistic.
    Both the mystics and the mechanists ignore the East Asians’ experience of epidemics. Taiwan and Japan have so far managed without lockdowns.

  4. Steven, am a big fan of Mr Carlson. And agree that his point of view is as close as you can get to a purely functional perspective on the current state of the country. I like Mark Levin as well for the same reason.
    Thanks for posting sir!

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