Some Basic Premises are Needed in Sociology

In order to have a science of sociology, some basic premises are needed. First, there must be a distinction between healthy and sick human social functioning. Second, there must be an understanding of how sick human social functioning occurs. None of these requirements exist in any of the social sciences today. This is why, instead of a truly scientific sociology, we have the symptom of socio-politics of the political left and the right as people’s attempts to understand what is happening in the world around us.


  1. Amen

  2. I think this is a great observation.

  3. But how are sociologists, who are themselves heavily armoured (pseudo-liberals) to know what is healthy and what is sick? That is already controversial among the true orgonomists and the pirate-copy-orgonomists.
    Give the armored sociologists criteria for healthy human social functioning and they will make a compulsion out of it.

    • Social orgonomists will replace today’s mechanistic sociologists.

  4. Dr Konia, wondering what you think would be a healthy way to deal with the current massive outbreak of the plague. Specifically, the rioters who are looting, setting fire to & vandalizing buildings, & attacking police? Would educating the public about their emotional sickness be enough at this point? Or a combination of that in addition to a strong crackdown by the local police and/or federal law enforcement, resulting in mass incarcerations & stiff prison sentences? Makes sense or am I being too “extreme”?

    • The approach to address the plague is to tell people about the plague by asking them questions about the social destructiveness that is happening. For example: Do you like what is happening? What do you think will happen if the rampage continues? Do you want to see your house destroyed by the rioters? If you do away with the police who is going to protect you when the rioters are at your door? etc. It is a matter of bringing contactless people into contact with themselves by asking them questions, not telling them anything.

  5. Thanks much Dr Konia! I will employ your common sense approach & hope that others who I know will see the wisdom therein.

    • You’re welcome.

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