The Anti-authoritarian Transformation of American Society is Real

The anti-authoritarian transformation of American society is happening in front of everyone’s eyes and no one sees it. What was unthinkable in the past is becoming reality, an everyday occurrence today. Examples are the memory of the past authoritarian family; The public’s respect and gratitude for the protective function of the police that is rapidly being undermined as, for example, when mothers in Portland, Oregon recently prevented police intervention by forming a human cordon so their children could continue destroying public property.

Similarly, what is unthinkable today will become a reality tomorrow. The American people’s memory of George Washington, the Father of our country, will be eliminated one day when the monument and the city that bears his name, as well as the state, other city’s, towns, avenues and streets named after him throughout America will disappear. These are just some of the consequences that will happen as a result of the anti-authoritarian transformation. The final change will occur when America’s identity, The United States of America, will be made non-existent and our country will be given a new and better, more “correct” name according to the left’s morality of politically correctness.


  1. Yes. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome.

  2. One of the problems is that people turn Reich himself in favor of the transformation. One main theme of the original 1933 part of The Mass Psychology of Fascism is turning the young against the old – YOUNG LIVES MATTERS:

    It is youth that matters. And youth is no longer on a mass basis accessible to a sex-negating ideology. This is our strength. (Mass Psychology 1946, page 164)

    Turning the youth against “Mutter Germania”:

    The core of the family tie is the mother fixation. The subjective, emotional core of the ideas of homeland and nation are ideas of mother and family. The mother is the homeland of the child, as the family is its “nation in miniature.” (page 50)

    …and against the German “Vaterland”:

    The father’s authoritarian position reflects his political role and discloses the relationship of family and authoritarian state. The same position which the boss holds in the production process, the father maintains in the family. He in turn reproduces submissiveness to authority in his children, especially his sons. (page 45)

    It is maddening. For example in Germany herself this year the original 1933 edition of Mass Psychology was published explicitly to aid the “fight against right-wing populism,” i.e., TO AID THE ANTIAUTHORITARIAN TRANSFORMATION. And this is not a pirate edition but an “official” WRTF edition. All in the name of Wilhelm Reich…

    • See also the presentation at the WRTF

      They even quote Dahmer, the Marxist opponent of Reich, who has been making propaganda against Reich for over 40 years and considers his orgonotic research to be insane.

    • The WRTF:

      It is clear that this important and insightful text remains relevant, and possibly more so, given the rise of openly fascistic political movements in Germany and elsewhere.

      They speak about the AfD and Pegida which are as “Nazi” as the Republican Party and the “Tea Party” movement! The only “Nazis” in Germany of any weight are the Islamists and, especially, the Turkish “Grey Wolfs (Uelkue Ocakları),” where Reich’s analysis still fits perfectly, but this is never mentioned because it’s not PC and would aid the “propaganda” of the AfD and Pegida.

      The AfD has almost word for word the same agenda as the conservative pre-Merkel CDU of 1999. To fight them as “Nazis” is nothing but Communist (red fascist) insurrection – all in the name of Wilhelm Reich. The Communist take-over of orgonomy is almost complete. Just imagine orgonomy without Drs. Baker and Konia!

  3. Dr. Konia
    What you are describing in this post is what I labelled in a previous comment as the “momentum” that the EP has gained since the Covid-19 outbreak.

    If functional thinkers are ever going to gain the upper hand on the current outbreak of the EP (or any other in the future) an effective game plan is going to have to be in place.

    The treasure chest of knowledge that has blossomed from orgonomic functionalism, culminating with the two books you wrote, has provided functional thinkers with a sufficient road map to begin the process of creating an effective game plan.

    The best way I can describe where healthy life stands today in the plague infested greater social realm is to compare it to a football team that has the most creative and intelligent coaches but has had no time to prepare a game plan vs a mediocre team who has been preparing for years for their chance to knock off the favored team.

    A well prepared mediocre team will have the distinct advantage of being able to adjust during the game when the going gets rough while the better but unprepared team will not be ready to adjust.

    I know that it is easy to be anxious and upset about the what is happening around the country in the last several months. Of course some immediate action needs to take place to restore some semblance of order but in many ways restoring order will just push anti-authoritarianism off the front pages. It will not change the underlying conditions that produced the current madness.

    If the knowledge that we are privileged to have access to is to be put to good use in the future we are going to have to understand HOW “social agreements” become embedded in the greater social realm and create conditions that support life positive or life destructive conditions.

    Here are the two real life examples of two different groups of people who came together to create a game plan that greatly influenced social conditions over an extended period. The first produced a game plan that set the course for the most life positive social conditions that had ever existed. The second group set out to undo what the first had created.

    1) The Founding Fathers (Brothers) 2) The Frankfurt School (critical theory)

    Both groups of highly devoted, intelligent and visionary men took a long period of time to focus on setting up a game plan. Much discussion, trial and error, etc took place.

    Due to circumstance Reich, Orgonomy and the ACO have never had the time, space and “luxury” set up a game plan to secure a beach head so that it can exert a life positive influence in the greater social realm.

    Hopefully ACO 2.0 will have a branch that can deal with this problem.

    • The ACO’s course in social orgonomy which will start this fall will be the first step in that right direction.

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