Mural or Graffiti?

Confusing graffiti for murals by writing in large letters Black Lives Matter in black paint on the streets of Fifth Avenue, New York City is a symptom of people’s destructive secondary layer breaking through to the social surface, defiling the city and passing itself off as “art” to a clueless public. It is an expression of the contempt, envy and hatred that the writers of these words have for America and Americans.

More importantly, this overt expression of racism is actively supported by confused, guilt-ridden liberals and the parents of these protesters living in this and other cities across America.

Why is this so? By pandering to racists, the liberals are momentarily being relieved of their personal bad conscience for “having it so good” living as comfortably as they do in America. Their destructiveness is hidden behind their “good deed.” Therefore, the source of the social pathology has more to do with the liberals who support these destructive acts including the Mayor himself, than with the perpetrators. Furthermore, promoting these acts do nothing to help make blacks live better lives. By encouraging lawlessness and undermining the functioning of the police, blacks who live in crime ridden parts of America’s cities are the ones who will suffer the most.


  1. Doesn’t this further illustrate what you write?

    How to expose the red fascist character of “liberals:”

    The three layers in action:

    “Leave our kids alone!” the group chanted to militarized U.S. forces cracking down on the Oregon city’s protests against police brutality.

    The perfect example of the social fassade (liberal “wall of moms”) in service of the secondary layer (their red fascist “antifa” offspring), making it impossible for the core function (Trump) to sequester the plague.

  2. The subject matter “Mural or Graffiti” is but one of a multitude of examples that we are witness to daily clearly pointing out the crucial distinction between primary and secondary bio-emotional expressions. While no rational person would hope for the current EP outbreak, functional thinkers could never have a better social landscape to point out the difference between the two.

    I am not sure if this exquisite irony has been pointed out already. As the healthy population are mandated or “shamed” into wearing masks, the emotional plague characters and their useful idiots have had their characterlogical masks stripped away. Hopefully enough people are taking notice.

  3. Very accurate exposing. I used to work in the Los Angeles K12 public school system, rife with those newly “woke” teachers and administrators who were “knee jerk” supporters of such movements as “Black Lives Matter”. In the end I discovered that they were the most racist, classist, hypocritical bunch of emotionally plagued individuals I had ever worked with. They sneakily discriminated against lower income so called “rougher” ,(looser but messily less armored), students, (who were usually minority and poor). They systematically robbed them of rights to choose electives and be assigned better teachers, stamped them as “special education” with no testing or evidence, sneakily “offloaded” them onto other colleagues, and doled out mean and harsh behavior,(even criminal physical assaults by teachers), one day, v. licentiousness treatment of students’ offensiveness and abuse the next. This contributes to this day to failure , dropout, and damage of vast numbers of poor minority LAUSD students . I saw it at multiple schools in the nation’s second largest school district over 18 years. Undoubtedly its nationwide in urban schools in poorer neighborhoods. The very people from poor minority communities this contingent shout most about defending, they actually cannot emotionally relate to at all, or only minimally. Its all a complete charade as you Dr. Konia point out. Your last sentence is I feel the most important.

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