The Two-party System is a Thing of the Past

The two-party system was part and parcel of the past authoritarian social order. Both parties were united in their feelings of loyalty to America and in support of the principles that their nation was founded on. They functioned in a relationship of attractive opposition.

With the anti-authoritarian transformation of American Society and the shift to the political left of the social mainstream that began around 1960, the Democratic Party became infiltrated by the far-left. This event ended the two-party system of the past because the functional relationship between the members of the party’s gradually turned into one of antagonistic opposition. The infiltration of leftist ideology undermined the positive relationship that members of both parties once had for each other because they no longer had in common their loyalty to America and to the principles that their nation stood for. Today, the final destruction of the two-party system is taking place as dissatisfied members of the Republican Party are shifting over to the Democratic side for the first time in history.

The social and political forces that once held American Society together in a relationship of attractive opposition uniting all people as one nation no longer exists. In its place are the day-to-day destructive conflicts between Americans based on diametrically opposed social and political ideologies. What is happening is that America as a nation – the baby – is being thrown out with the bath water – irreconcilable political ideologies.


  1. What is the function of the Trump presidency?
    Is it possible to participate in the political process, such as voting, without furthering the destruction of America?
    Thank you for your analysis, Dr. Konia.

    • The choice is between bad and worse. The Trump presidency is bad and the alternative is worse.

      • Doctor,

        What are the negative connotations that the Trump presidency presents itself for the future of our country versus the alternative that faces us now?

        Thank you

      • The problem is not the Trump presidency. The problem is the unrecognized anti-authoritarian transformation of our country and its consequences.

  2. The internationalist “green” left and the globalist capitalists unite for the “Great Reset.” See:

    It is all too obvious that the extreme left and their corona, BLM, global warming etc. hysteria is a tool of the “1%”. At the end of his life Reich pointed to “Moscow and Rockefeller.” Or as Larry McDonald put it some four or five decades ago: “The drive of the Rockefeller family and their allies is to create a one-world government, combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control … Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” ( Just look at the link above!

    • Conspiracy against America. It’s essentially the same thing today as it was back then at the times of McCarthy and Reich’s desperate efforts to expose “the conspiracy:”

  3. Dr Konia, thank you as always for your most excellent insights into the current social climate. However, curious why you consider the Trump presidency as “bad”? From where I stand,Trump, despite his obvious flaws, appears to sincerely love our country & is doing his best, despite enormous odds, to counter the forces of the Emotional Plague…or am I wrong in your view?

    • If I understand Dr. Konia correctly Trump is good because he is the only one who openly fights against the emotional plague today: political correctness. At the same time Trump is bad because, tragically, he strengthens the ultimate illusion that politics can answer a problem which ultimately is bioenergetic.

      I guess this might be the answer why some people see in him “Hitler.” “Hitler,” because Trump somehow conveys the illusion as if he had the “bioenergetic” answer. America today reminds one of what Reich wrote about the Weimar Republic. Reich: “The masses of people felt helpless and incapable of taking the responsibilty for the solution of the chaotic social problems within the old political system and frame of thinking. The Fuehrer should and would do it for them” (THE FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM, Wolfe, FS&G, p. 208). In a way Hitler was so appealing to the German people because he fought the “political correctness” of his time, the “liberal” madness of Weimar – see the beginning of my answer…

      This is why Trump is very good AND bad, really BAD. Dialectical (functional) thinking…

    • Trump is bad because he is his own worst enemy. He is bad because he talks too much and needlessly opens himself to being attacked.

      • Precisely. Thanks, Dr. Konia.

      • You’re welcome, Judy.

  4. Many wonder why some clear thinking conservatives don’t act forcefully and rationally against attacks on healthy, innocent life. They are aware, at least unconsciously, that the old authoritarian social order in which they were raised has become anti-authoritarian and they are afraid of the consequences of going against the prevailing social order. It can be quite risky and even more so if you do not know exactly what you are up against. Of course the conservative would use words like progressive, far left, radical left etc to describe the current state of anti-authoritarianism. Lacking the knowledge to think functionally they are limited to using political terms to describe a bio-social process.

    The destructiveness that is ongoing nationwide is merely a more honest and less sophisticated expression of the consequences of an anti-authoritarian social order.

    An understanding of Dr. Konia’s discovery and documentation of the transformation that took place in the mid 20thC is essential in order to effectively deal with the current emotional plague outbreak.
    We are a long way from that occurring but it does not make this knowledge any less necessary.

  5. Right now in Berlin: extreme right-wingers with the flag of the German Empire and their new fuehrer printed on it:

  6. Below is a link to an article concerning the cause of death to George Floyd published August 7

    In the authoritarian American social order prior to 1960 (governed predominantly by the social agreements contained in the American Constitution) and before the technological advances of 2020, there existed a process (due process) by which thorough investigations (hopefully well performed) determined whether or not there had been police misconduct in the arrest and death of Floyd.

    In the current anti-authoritarian social order, political correctness is the prime governing principle which condones and encourages expression of secondary neurotic and destructive emotions and does not distinguish between primary healthy and secondary destructive emotional expression.

    Of course a decent majority are not in “complete” agreement with the transformation that has taken place over the last 60 years and the result is a high level of social anxiety.

    The “irreconcilable differences” are misunderstood by most because the differences fall outside of the realm of conventional thinking.

    One of Reich’s contributions to the world that is not referred to often is the categorizing of the realms from the most superficial to the deepest:
    Psychological (conscious and unconscious mind)

    • One problem is that the Floyd case is not simply “a fact.” There are countless examples of police misconduct, wrongful deaths, etc. hardly mentioned in the local papers. “Floyd” is solely a product of the media, an operation of mass-control, an operation of mass-psychology. Let’s never forget that the media destroyed Reich – and that today America is destroyed by the media.

  7. Steve, many thanks for the article you appended. It is a real eye-opener. Judy

  8. you’re welcome Judy

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