A Biden Presidency Will Be a Puppet Government

A Puppet Government is a nation or individual controlled by another. Biden is a puppet who is being propped-up by the far-left Democratic Party to be President of the United States. His running mate, Kamala Harris, is a far-left California Senator who, as Vice President, will become President if Biden wins the election in November and either resigns or does not live to finish his term of office. Both are likely possibilities.

The majority of people who belong to the Democratic Party are on the far left and are indistinguishable from the old-time communists. Therefore, a vote for a Democratic Candidate in November 2020 is, in effect, a vote for a communist for the Presidency.


  1. Bingo!

  2. Unfortunately the Trump presidency has been functioning as a “puppet” government for the medical bureaucratic deep state since he decided not follow his instinct to fully re-open the country April 12 (Easter Sunday). All of the good things he accomplished in the face of the commie style attacks from day one have been severely compromised by the medical advice he received (all of which was guided by the ultimate end game of vaccines for all while ignoring the easy to predict collateral damage from the over reaction).

    Here is a link to an article about what is happening in Canada with regards to the push for a rushed vaccine. Canada is 100% committed to globalism so the medical bureaucracy can be more forthright with their agenda than in the U.S..

  3. The subversive activities of the red fascists is well described here


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