From “Political Science” To A Science Of Politics

Politics today consists of a confused mixture of irrational and rational human ideas and drives.  This hodgepodge is erroneously called ” political science.”   However, it is now possible with our political knowledge of orgonomic sociology to have a genuine science of politics.  There are two requirements that must be fulfilled for this to happen: 1) A capacity to think functionally about natural, including political, processes. 2) An in-depth knowledge of socio-political characterology including an understanding of the emotional plague of mankind and the effect that people’s various socio-political character types have on social processes. These requirements are necessary to separate the rational function of politics from the irrationality and the widespread destructiveness of socio-politics.


  1. The EMOTIONAL PLAGUE in its most lethal form at the very center of US power threatening to kill the last speck of freedom and hope in the Middle East:

    Terrorists, said the MK, appear to be heeding US Secretary of State John Kerry’s threats of an intifada terror war on Israel if it doesn’t make concessions. Kerry made the threats on Thursday, warning that Israel would undergo “chaos” and be internationally isolated if it doesn’t create a Palestinian state in its midst.

    To keep Communist Pests like Kerry out of government “an in-depth knowledge of socio-political characterology including an understanding of the emotional plague of mankind” is necessary or we are all doomed. This is why Dr. Konia’s work is so immeasurably important.

  2. Over the last few months I have been thinking about how absolutely confused most people are when discussing the important issues of the day. Our anti-authoritarian society is set up to maintain and build upon this state of confusion in every way possible.

    Congratulations on the completion of Neither Left Nor Right.

    I think that you have written a book that will have an excellent chance to be accessible and understandable to a broad range of people.

    It truly represents a step forward in terms of “bridging the gap”. Time will tell whether or not the future readers of the book will be drawn closer to the “gap” and then be willing and able to make practical use of the “bridge” that you have spent a life time building.

    thank you once again

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