Obama Is Not A Leader: He is A Politician

When President Obama learned that the Syrians were using poison gas on their people he had two options: either to respond in some way militarily or to do nothing and say it was not  America’s business to interfere. Instead, he expressed outrage at what the Syrians did and handed the problem of responding over to the Congress. In a way that is typical of him, he said one thing and did another.

In effect, Obama is saying now that “the American people” should lead America in this matter of what is to be done since he is not up to doing his job as leader of his country. Putting the problem in the hands of Congress turns it into a political issue between those who are for responding and those who are against doing anything. This is an example of how socio-politics enters into politics and covers up the original problem which as President of the United States is the responsibility of Barack Obama.

It is also typical of Obama to conceal himself behind the social confusion and divisiveness that he , himself, generates by politicizing the problem.


  1. “What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest. For your eyes to see that which lies before your eyes.” Barack Obama has once again baited his fellow politicians and pulled the wool over the eyes of the American public. Truly a master of deceit.

    • And to top it off, he gets the public to politically fight it out between the pro’s and the con’s about what to do. He turns politics into socio-politics. In addition to being a master at deception, Obama is also a master at divisiveness.

      • Is Obama a schizophrenic …along with the other garden variety
        issues of malignant narcissism..sociopathic tendencies… after reading your article on pot smoking we know he indulged for a long time.

      • What is important from a diagnostic point of view about Obama is that he is a pseudo-liberal/communist socio-political character. I describe this character type in my book, Neither Left Nor Right.

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