The Problem Of Recognizing The Emotional Plague

The emotional plague’s existence depends on its remaining hidden from everyone’s awareness.  But why is this so?  Why can’t people see this universal sickness of armored humans?  The difficulty that prevents this understanding lies primarily in the defensive ways of people’s thinking.

Comparing infectious medical diseases such as tuberculosis, polio or cholera to the infectious bio-social disease, the emotional plague, it is clear that in the case of the medical diseases the bacterial pathogen that causes the infection is not viewed morally as being “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong.”  Nor is there a moral concern whether the pathogen “meant” or “had the intention” to cause the illness.  These moralistic ideas about infectious disease were part and parcel of the thinking of past centuries.  If people looked at infectious diseases morally today, the sciences of bacteriology and virology would not exist, and  knowledge about infectious diseases would still be where it was 300 years ago.

But this is exactly where people are today when judging destructive human ideas and behavior.  They view them morally as being either right or wrong, the product either of a virtuous versus villainous individual or the result of a person’s good or bad intentions.  These ideas are examples of defensive, armored thinking and the moralistic attitudes behind the thinking of almost everyone including the political left and the right.

Because scientists looked at the function of the medical pathogens in its relation to the life of the host organism, whether or not they were destructive to it, these medical sciences thrived.  Regarding social problems, the questions that need to be asked are:  What is the effect or function on others of a person’s behavior or thought?  Are these consequences harmful to the core functions of  people’s lives?  Asking these  questions immediately brings the emotional plague as an infectious bio-social disease into sharper focus and takes the problem of the destructiveness of sick humans out of people’s moral ways of thinking and out of the strait jacket of politics.


  1. I really appreciate your ability to clearly see life as it is, particularly human social functioning, outside of the traditional moralistic view of things. I am not surprised but because of my own difficulties in this area it is always “refreshing” in the truest sense of the word.

    This type of functional pinpoint analysis is so far beyond anyone who has not had the benefit of the training which you received and your particular abilities and dedication.

    It is also apparent that one can’t be expected to ask the correct question (i.e. What is the effect or function on others of a person’s behavior or thought? Are these consequences harmful to the core functions of people’s lives?) if one does not know a few of the basics:

    A few basics being the following:
    1) The biological- energetic basis of human emotional life
    2) The formation of armor in the human organism as life “saving” mechanism
    3) The difference between primary and secondary core expressions
    3) The individual and social consequences of chronic armor formation

    Even those with sufficient core contact do not necessarily have any understanding of these basics.

    If I could summarize the difference between functional thinking and conventional thinking in the easiest to understand and concise terms, it would be in the following words:

    Functional thinking includes the necessary understanding of the biological basis of human emotional life and conventional thinking doesn’t. As a result, those who rely on conventional thinking will always have an insurmountable disadvantage with regards to dealing with and containing any benign or malignant bio-social dysfunction (i.e. political correctness).

    If and when the bio-social psychiatric can attain some public recognition for their ability to help the conventional thinker in this obvious and critical area of weakness, we will have made some significant progress.

  2. Thanks for further clarifying how the EP works. If I understand what you said, it’s not necessarily conscious malice and the agents (pseudo liberals) are not aware of the destructive fall out of their behavior because of their ocular armor? So, pointing it out to them would probably not do much to change them. However, the liberals who got suckered into going along might be more amenable to education? As you mentioned previously, confronting the EP and shining the light on the consequences of their deeds is risky business and you better be prepared for reprisals.

  3. Dear Dr. Konia,

    the following is anything but a criticism of your blog entry but as a German I have to think, almost compulsively, about the following, quite good expressed by social psychologist Richard Koenigsberg some years ago:

    Jews in the mind of Hitler and other Nazi leaders represented a foreign microorganism within the bloodstream of Germany. Since Jews were virulent microorganisms within the body politic, it was necessary that every single one of them be destroyed, lest they begin again to divide and multiply. The SS men functioned as “killer cells” within the national organism, assigned the task of identifying, tracking down and destroying the dangerous microorganisms. On the evening of February 22, 1942, Hitler met with Himmler and a Danish SS major and expounded his conviction that
    The discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged today is of the same sort as the battle waged, during the last century, by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus! We shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jew.
    Hitler conceived of the Final Solution from the perspective of immunology. As “Doctor of the German people,” he would act to save the life of the body politic by destroying the pathogens that were the source of Germany’s disease.

    Any comment?

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you for your valuable comment. From a characterological perspective, Hitler was a brilliant paranoid psychopath. He took a rational understanding of the emotional plague and turned it on its head by projecting the idea of pathogens onto the the people that he personally hated, the jews.

    • Dear Dr. Konia,
      Peter Nasselstein´s text and your comment on it deal with an interesting aspect of the nazi ideology and (from an orgonomic point of view) the function of antisemitism in it.
      As Dr. Elsworth Baker and you have worked out, according to the “three-layers model of the personality”, right-winged people have much more core contact than left-winged marxists do.
      Actually, the “common functioning principle” of BOTH orgonomy and national socialism is that (in sharp opposition to other “weltanschauungs” like socialism, liberalism, modern liberalism, judaism, and “political correctness”) are rooted in and always refer to NATURAL LAWS. This implies that human beings and their social lives are considered from a BIOLOGICAL point of view – and that this biological dimension is MORE important than economic or rationalistic issues.
      Therefore, both orgonomy as well as national socialism (and unlike liberalism or socialism) regard homosexuality as sick and “un-natural”.
      Because of this, Hitler, Himmler, Hess, and so on were very fond of NATURAL-medical approaches, such as homeopathy, herb therapies, and so on. Remarkably, they even came close to recognizing orgone energy (they frequently referred to Reichenbach´s “Od”, to Mesmer´s “Animal Magnetism”, etc.). Cynical as this may sound, in the concentration camps, Himmler´s “SS” even conducted medical experiments on what they called “animal warmth” (= orgone energy). One experimental setup was to investigate whether the lives of east front soldiers suffering from extreme and close-to-death hypothermia can be rescued by the physical affection (i.e., hugs, caressing, holding the soldier in their arms) of women.
      And in this very context – as Peter Nasselstein pointed out – in national socialist ideology to behave “jewishly” was identical to what Reich would call “secondary drives in the middle layer”. In the eyes of the Nazis, to be “Jewish” meant: sneaking around, lying, spreading gossip and slander, having a pornographic sex life, being gay or perverse, seducing girls, blackmailing others, being a tricky and unethical business man, economically exploiting others, and so forth. This “Jewishness” was opposed to be “Aryan” (= a “genital character” in Reich´s framework), because “Aryan” was meant to be honest, straight-forward, decent, diligent, heterosexual – and this all rooted in a healthy body, like the old Greek saying “Mens sana in corpore sanum”. Therefore, according to Hitler, the Aryans were rooted in nature and good sportsmen – as opposed to “the Jews” who were said to be intellectual egg-heads, never walk around in the forests, have weak and sick bodies, and are bad sportsmen.
      Even Hitler was pretty aware of the middle layer within himself and within the Germans, when he said that every German has to constantly fight and expel “the Jewishness within ourselves” – which, in orgonomic terms, would mean: a real Aryan has always to be aware that he can easily be seducted by the “Jewishness” (or “secondary drives”) within himself.
      Here, Hitler obviously refers to the brilliant philosopher Otto Weininger who committed suicide at a very young age, because he could not stand the “Jewishness” in himself, see:
      And Hitler also referred to Martin Luther´s (who was strictly antisemitic) famous saying: “Indem ich mich des Juden erwehre, kämpfe ich für das Werk des Herrn”, which means: “In fighting against Jewishness, I am fighting for the works of God!”. Translated into orgonomic terms, this would read: “In fighting against (the seduction by) the DEVILISH secondary drives, I am fighting for genitality, God, Nature, Health, and the Orgone!”.
      This all shows TWO things:
      a) That right-winged persons do indeed have more core contact than marxists or modern liberals,
      b) But that this core contact is severely DISTORTED. And because of this distortion, the nazis MIS-labeled their perception of nature. Secondary drives were mis-labeled and erroneously attributed and restricted to real Jewish people. The nazis´ perception of orgone energy led to cruel concentration camp experiments, and their understanding of nature led to racism (which clearly differentiates their comprehension of biology from the orgonomic one).
      Because of what I said above, it becomes clear why the Nazis felt so provoked when – just a couple of weeks after Hitler had become Chancellor, Judaism posted its war declaration on Germany in 1933:
      And in 1945, the Nazis regarded the “Morgenthau plan” which included the physical castration of all German men” as the final attempt of the “devilish Jews” to destroy God and Genitality within the Aryans.

      Best wishes,


      • You comment clearly shows the importance of distinguishing the three layers of the human bio-psychic structure. This was one of Reich’s most important contributions.

  4. While it is necessary to expose the behavior and intentions of the carriers of the EP, it is only the first step since the words have to be heard and understood. One can point out the dangers only if others have some core contact, but this is precisely what the EP attacks first. Just look at the acceptance of sexual perversions as an example: they are made to be a virtuous goal in that it is done to eliminate “discrimination”. So unless one allows (natural) feelings to emerge and not be overridden by ideology, the plague slowly kills its host.

    • Making a distinction between the core and the destructive secondary layers of human functioning is essential in fighting the emotional plague.

  5. Here Stefan Molyneux explains with detailed economic data how the emotional plague destroyed the USA (he calls it „violence“):

    “1776” is eminent!

  6. On the non-existing work function in the EP character Obama:

    This guy is comparable to Hitler in this regard. No work function, period.

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