The Demise Of The Two Party System In America

The two party system in America which has been in existence since the beginning of the American Nation is nearing collapse.  In an attempt to understand the November 2012 election debacle for the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a report concluding that unless drastic policy changes are made “it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future.” The report describes the party as ” ideologically rigid, still clinging to the days of Ronald Reagan, unable to speak to a wider electorate and increasingly viewed by voters as indifferent to the struggles of average people.” The report criticized the party for not embracing “comprehensive immigration reform,” not providing more help for people’s  economic needs and not being “inclusive and welcoming” of minority groups on social issues.

The report is looking at what happened in November from a political and not from a bio-social perspective.  It is looking at it from the viewpoint of social symptoms and not from the underlying social movement from which surface events are manifested.  From a bio-social perspective there has been a marked shift to the left in the political mainstream that began around 1960.  This was, in part, manifested by a rise in people’s dependency on the government (welfarism), in collectivism, in mechanistic thinking and in the use of the intellect as a defense against emotion. The goal is to wipe out individual authority and replace it with the collective authority of “Big Brother”. Like a social tsunami, this wave from the political extreme left first destroyed the Democratic Party in the 1960s and  now has moved to the right and is in the process of destroying what remains viable of the Republican Party

In order to win over the electorate what the RNC task force is recommending is nothing less than a capitulation to the political left by  going along with the very same socialist agenda that are currently being instituted by the Democratic Party.  This “me too” policy  is self-serving and politically motivated. It means that there is no longer any real difference between the two parties since they are both offering the same socialistic measures.  It also means that there is no longer any real opposition in organized political parties that provides a viable alternative  to  the socialist onslaught being actively spread by the political left.


  1. There is a very powerful anti-truth justifying/rationalising every consequence of leftist ideology – social injustice, human greed, corruption etc (these qualities are arbitrarily projected on the right, as if they somehow cannot exist in a socialist society). People, ever-ignorant about what mechanistic thinking is/seeing nothing wrong with it, will say ”we want free, public (government-run) schools, hospitals and everything, we don’t want corporate/private greed ruling our lives, we want justice for all” etc.

    Out there, among people or in front of crowds, standing for a bio-social understanding of today’s chaotic society sounds weird, irrelevant. There is still no connection between individual and social misery. Politics is what poeple know, so they easily dismiss any psychological/biophysical concept as secondary (even as ”bourgeois”, like they did nearly a century ago). How does one functionally-oriented individual respond to people demanding political solutions here-and-now? Any knowledge of functional biology/sociology/economics cannot exist, cannot even breathe in a room full of contactless people shouting, preaching, arguing (most politics of today). People want painkillers for the symptoms of social pathology – they actively reject understanding of the underlying causes.

    • The first and only thing people at their current state of emotional development can be told is that their are no political solutions to their social problems and that their political solutions to achieve heaven on earth is bogus. If people can get this idea it is enough for now. Political longing has replaced religious longing for today’s masses. This is how their mysticism is expressed.

  2. The very same is true for Germany and your analysis fits Germany perfectly. There is even a separate term for it: Linkstrend, which comes close to “red shift”.

    • The shift to the left of the emotional plague is worldwide. It now has even spread to the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. It was all told and written in the past; people follow mimetic paths, the future for now is the natural residence of many capitalists and the corporate media. The academic world doesn´t seek inside and far from this, wages are fragile and daily tasks are under survey through social emulation. It is somehow the sad resignation as an answer for people to spend more time indoors where there is less Orgone energy, therefore more ilnesses: emotional, spiritual, physical. The art of lucidity requires hard work, patience and endurance trhoughout time.

  4. […] Parallel dazu strebt die soziale Orgonomie danach, die „soziale Panzerung“ aufzulösen. Dies geschieht, indem den Massen bewußtgemacht wird, daß die Lösung ihrer Probleme nicht im politischen, sondern im bio-energetischen Bereich liegt. Wie der amerikanische Orgonom Charles Konia neulich in seinem Netztagebuch schrieb: […]

  5. Je suis pressée de lire votre prochɑin poste

  6. Wallie

    The Demise Of The Two Party System In America | Charles Konia, M.D.

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