Apropos Of Women Drivers In Saudi Arabia

In ” The Woman Who Dared to Drive”, Wall Street Journal, March 23-24, 2013, the author describes the harsh reaction of the al-Saud ruling government to a woman, Manal al-Sharif, who broke the custom of the kingdom that women are not permitted to drive.  Ms al-Sharif was arrested and detained in prison for over a week and was released only after her father personally pleaded with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah for a pardon and pledged to forbid his daughter ever to drive again in the kingdom.

These events can only make sense from a functional energetic perspective. On one hand there is a woman who wants to exercise her right to drive a motor vehicle.  On the other is a rigidly authoritarian social order that is based on repression of women in particular and on sexual repression in general.  The strict authoritarian order must maintain its control over people by imposing absolute moral rules of social conduct.  These rules function to contain enormous quantities of destructive energy that are bound up in people’s character and muscular armor because that armor prevents them from naturally expressing their emotions socially.  Once these rules are liberalized the flood gates of destructive human emotions will be unleashed and bring about what will amount to an “Arab Spring” for the kingdom, a highly destructive and  chaotic situation similar to that which has recently engulfed many other Muslim nations in the area.

Because Saudi Arabian society is on the socio-political extreme right, black fascists (emotional plague characters) on the right can easily infiltrate and exert control over social policy in the kingdom further increasing the degree of its social rigidity.  The solution to Ms al-Sharif’s problem is not liberalization of Saudi custom but an understanding of and addressing the Saudi pople’s underlying emotional plague that makes it necessary.


  1. If I understand you correctly, in the West out of contactlessness politics transformed into leftist mysticism (politics as ersatz religion) – and nothing changed, or, rather, things got worse. While in Arab world out of contactlessness Islamic mysticism transforms into politics (“Arab spring”) – while the social conditions get even worse than before. In both cases of “socio-political liberation” this getting worse is because nobody is aware of the bioenergetic background (armor, character and the emotional plague). All one can do, at present, is to draw people’s attention to this third realm and establish some contact. Any other “change” is counterproductive. After some contact is established things will change work democratically beyond irrational politics.

  2. In the 50´s Iran for example was already producing a nuclear army, the same country in the 90’s was inducing its population into isolation with prayers and animal documentaries on national tv. There is a mosque near the place I live, I made contact with them, there is an attempt to integrate and then to go back.
    What it was a friendly energy in the summer of 2011 coming from somewhere, soon became a sea of doubts meaning the rules and regulations which is always seeking for a leader. This is the major mistake everywhere.

    • In general, people living in Muslim countries cannot tolerate the freedoms that exist for people in the West. By contrast, people living in the West have more freedom than they are able to take advantage or know what to do with. These biophysical realities are the result of differences in the pattern of armor in the two groups of people.

  3. OFF TOPIC: Margaret Thatcher, work democracy, and the emotional plague:


  4. Margaret Thatcher was responsible for the death of thousands of people in Falklands following imperialism tendendencies, it happenned the same in Portugal and world wide and it continues in Japan versus China for example. The best model of society in the 20th century took place in Spain in the 30´s with the anarchists. Now it is time to gather energy to sustain the research work of Dr. Reich and quoting him: “we must be scientific, we cannot be politic on this matter (research work)”.

    • How contactless and cerebral is that? You point, as a moral attack on Thatcher, to the Falkland Islands and their invasion by a fascist Nazi style regime! Randomly you come up with Japan, China and Portugal. You point to the Anarchists in Spain whose victory would have meant eternal poverty for the working class by destroying all “unmoral” economic mechanisms and, in the end, would have meant the victory of black and red fascism, for good. And finally you refer to no other than Reich as a backup to your childish world view.

  5. It was all said and done, nothing to add.

  6. Dr. Reich must have his lifetime work safeguarded therefore politics are out of touch in honor of science. You both can read my work at http://www.eduardoalexandrepinto.com
    I am also at The Alexander Lowen Foundation Forum as Vizir

  7. Pat Condell describes the difference between the genuine liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist (“progressive”):

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