The Attraction Of The Plague From The Left And The Right

On Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013 an unsuccessful assassination attempt was made on the life of  journalist Lars Hedegaard,   president of  Denmark’s Free Press Society and  an outspoken critic of Islamic supremacism and of attempts to impose Islamic Shariah law in the West. He has recently launched a Swedish-language weekly newspaper that is critical of mass immigration to Sweden and Denmark from third world countries and takes a dim view of Islam.

As a consequence of his defending freedom, democracy, the rule of law and individual and sexual equality, Mr. Hedegaard has been reviled by the leftist-dominated Swedish media as a “racist,” accused of having invented the incident in order to set himself up as a martyr and told that it was unfortunate that the  delivery man was not a better marksman.

It is characteristic of the emotional plague that when it happens to be in the common interest of the left and the right, the plague  will  combine forces and act together to destroy their victim.  In this example, the Swedish mainstream media on the left which, according to Mr. Hedegaard, are probably the most politically correct in the Western world  and the Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics on the right are of one mind.

The forces of the emotional plague’s tendency to associate   when it is in their mutual interest happens entirely spontaneously and occurs without any  conscious or malicious intent.  It is a pathological function originating  from the biological realm, the destructive middle layer of sick human beings.  It can only be satisfactorily understood when one steps outside the morality-tainted framework of conventional thinking and looks at what is happening from a functional perspective.


  1. Functional thinking has so much to offer with regards to bio-social dysfunction and specifically to the current manifestation of emotional plague activity threatening the western world and individual freedoms especially in the U.S.

    One area where the conventional thinker is lacking a critical piece of knowledge derived from functional thinking and clearly illustrated in your blog above is the following:

    It is a matter of personal safety that any individual engaged in confronting pseudo-liberalism, pseudo-liberal activity and pseudo-liberal ideology be aware of and thoroughly prepare for all of the “predictable” irrational responses that will come with a socially visible confrontation.

    The courage to confront the emotional plague is a crucial but insufficient attribute and very dangerous without the appropriate amount of preparation and caution. History is replete with examples.

  2. The plague is targeting our last and only hope, the children of the future. Life for native children in Germany and other European countries is becoming unbearable due to supremacist Muslim children.

    “Asian” is British newspeak for Muslims. There are never any problems with Japanese, Chinese, or Thai!

  3. Political correctness is the deadly plague of this century – the suicidal tendency of liberal mind in action and 70-year-old Lars Hedegaard or 9-year-old poor British boy are just some of its victims.

    • Until enough people are willing to deal with and confront political correctness as a manifestation of the life threatening bio-social disease that it is, we will be stuck with just being able to report about its existence and be helpless to stop its destruction.

      Political correctness is accepted by all western societies in spite of its destructive qualities. It is what I refer to as the prevailing social agreement by which we must abide or suffer the consequences.

      Of course individually we can manage our personal lives to a great degree (for the time being) and stay somewhat clear of the nonsense but in public you do have to evaluate your words and actions with regards to the prevailing environment.

      Until political correctness can be clearly repudiated in the social arena and replaced with with a more life positive social agreement we will all suffer to some degree. And the longer it continues the worse the suffering will be.

      Dr Carson’s speech, a few weeks ago, is a tiny step in the right direction. Time will tell if it can be more than that. I have my doubts because it is my belief that without the help of those well versed in functional thinking, the pseudo-liberal movement will do quite well in sidetracking any serious attempts at being “exposed” and defeated by traditional thinkers.

      • Political correctness is a highly infectious form of mass hysteria that is currently being induced by the leftist dominated media on an unsuspecting public. As in the case of hysteria in an individual it is armoring of the ocular segment, the eye block, that underlies this mass reaction.

  4. Lars Hedegaard speaking about freedom of speech:

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