The American People’s Exposure To The Communist Plague

From an epidemiological perspective, communism is a highly infectious and invasive bio-social disease.  It functions like a virus (antigen) to destroy the population of a nation from within by attacking people’s emotional lives and their ability to work freely without external constraints.   Americans today are at great risk of having their country destroyed by the communist threat organized by the ideologues of the Obama Administration, primarily because they are unaware that any real threat exists.  The situation is comparable to an infectious medical condition in which the organism is unable to respond by forming a defense (antibodies) through its  immune system to the threat to its life.  For this reaction to occur in the social realm there has to be a state of underlying public alarm and anxiety.  From a biophysical standpoint this would correspond to a general state of emotional contraction in the population.

But no such condition exists!  To the contrary, the general population in America today is in a chronic state of over expansion.  People are self-complacent, self-indulgent and, in varying degrees they are distracted by every kind of substitute interest at the expense of seeing the real danger to America happening right in front of their eyes. These distractions are exploited for profit by the leftist infiltrated media and entertainment industries to give the appearance that everything is status quo so that the communist plague can continue unnoticed by everyone.

This headlong descent into socialism will continue into the foreseeable future.  It will partially reverse only when a major contraction grips the whole of society accompanied by the emotion of fear or terror.  A shock wave of this magnitude is necessary to override the soporific effect of the media on people and to bring the masses to their senses, taking them out of their chronic state of obliviousness.  Hopefully, at that point the immunization process against the communist plague can take hold before America has been completely destroyed.


  1. Great analysis of the current bio-social situation,

    The “major contraction” that you refer to would be greatly facilitated through an interdiction (in the military sense of the word) in the social arena by qualified bio-social psychiatrists and those in the population that exhibit sufficient core contact and capabilities in handling this societal problem.

    Somehow, someway all efforts must be made to bridge the gap between these two groups of people so that an effective campaign can be waged.

    Otherwise all the good words written on the subject will go to waste.

    Obviously there are inherent risks in this type of venture but too much caution or inaction will not be helpful either.

    Orgonomy in its entirety has way “too” much to offer to 99% of the people who might be helpful in fighting and slowing down the current deadly manifestation of bio-social dysfunction.

    Only the most appropriate and specific tools of the bio-social psychiatrist’s treasure chest should be extracted and developed correctly for presentation in the social arena to fight this specific battle.

    With a victory in hand and some acceptance attained, the relatively new field of bio-social psychiatry will then be in a position to properly evaluate what else can be presented from its vast source of knowledge to help fight the next battle.

    There is a lot of wisdom and insight to be gained from Reich’s personal journey, brilliant career and the major mistake he made at the end of his great life (i.e. choosing the wrong battle at the wrong time during his court case) that could be helpful in today’s fight against the pseudo-liberal/communist movement.
    I do not think there are many whom have fought and won more battles than he did for the such a great cause under the most difficult of circumstances.

    • From reading the various biographies of Reich and his own writings on the subject, it is not so clear that his deciding to deal with his court case the way he did was a “major mistake” or that he chose “the wrong battle at the wrong time”. The battle was forced upon him, not of his choosing, and it is hard to see how he could have done anything otherwise than what he did.

      We have to remember that the rental fees from the use of orgone accumulators were the major source of funding for his research and if he had simply accepted the authority of the court to ban it he would have effectively been forced to retire from further work.

      Given the explicit ban in the U-S. constitution on censorship, Reich was fully justifed in expecting to prevail in his refusal to defend in court the proposition that a court had the power to ban books at the request of the government. The injuction the court issued was in fact illegal and ignoring it was not a miscalculation; it was a basic constitutional right. That the court subsequently held otherwise does not change that. It only amounts to a mistake by the court, not by Reich.

      Reich knew exactly what he was doing. He was exercising a right that he considered important, to keep on doing something important to him regardless of any illegal court orders issued illegally by a court that had no right to give such an order. To suggest that he should have obeyed the illegal court order is to say the courts have the power to judge what is a scientific fact and what is not. This was what was at stake in the case, and by refusing to admit such power on the part of the court, thereby defending science against interference by the courts, Reich was defending all scientists, not only his own work.

      Suggestingf he should have followed the legally required procedures is like saying Rosa Parks should have sat in the back of the bus and gone to court if she had any objections to the unconstitutional laws that mandated that she do so. Reich was taking a stand for a principle,and that can never be a mistake.

      • Rosa Parks was a well known public figure thanks to the media and the NAACP. Her case was widely publicized and had a great deal of public support. The tragedy is that Wilhelm Reich was unknown to the public and almost entirely alone in his fight against the Federal Government.

      • Rosa Parks had a better chance of succeeding in her fight for one important reason – in the social realm the fight you choose has to be very focused and specific in order to be winnable – Reich’s fight with the courts was much too broad and thus had little to no chance of succeeding.

        In the social realm, Americans, for the most, can easily relate to the inherent human right enshrined in the Constitution that Rosa Parks was for fighting for. A social agreement exists on this subject matter. She was actually asking that the existing social agreement be respected.

        In contrast, Reich’s discoveries had “gone where no man had gone before”.to use the famous line from Star Trek. He knew it. Everyone who understood his work knew it. By asking the court to rule on the broader scientific issue, he stepped outside of any existing social agreement. He took a major risk, went all in so to speak and paid with his life.

        Where or when in the social realm has there been a social agreement that humans want to come clean with the truth about themselves. If the result wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable to think the American court system was in a position to rule on this matter.

        In this instance, Reich bit off more than the courts could chew.

        One of the essential tools that humans have at their disposal in order to be able to live together in large groups is the ability of certain people or leaders to get the group to focus on one specific subject matter that affects the group as a whole. This is a basic necessity of human/group survival. If the focus is too broad, there is no chance to arrive at a social agreement which is an absolute necessity for large groups to co-exist.

        The ability to get the group to focus on a very specific important matter is one of the key ingredients in arriving at social agreements. Reich, I believe, unknowingly did not follow this necessary rule.

        He took a very specific (weak) case against him and asked the court to judge his case on a much broader issue.
        His decision sealed his fate. If Reich were alive today, I have little doubt that he would in hindsight realized the fatal mistake he made.

        He actually wrote eloquently on this subject in the summer of 1952, a few years prior to the court case. If you refer to pages 176-177 and pages 184-185 in the Murder of Crist, you can read in Reich’s own words that his decision to fight the court on the broader issue was bound to be a disaster.

        In all his greatness (and I have never come across anyone who approaches Reich in terms of human accomplishment), he was a human being with some character flaws and not a god.

        If there was one thing about his life that could be changed or reversed, it would be his poor strategy in fighting the FDA case against him. It did tremendous damage to his life’s work, his legacy and to those who followed to carry on the work he began. There is not one benefit to be derived from his going to prison and dying in jail. In addition, think of what was lost in terms of what he would have produced had he lived for just a few more years. He was so prolific that one year in his life was like a decade or two for everyone else.

        Reich knew more than most that words and actions had consequences. Throughout his life he exhibited a tremendous ability to accurately evaluate his personal work and principles in relation to the surrounding social circumstances. But like all mortals he could make mistakes. I attribute this major mistake to possibly being worn down from a brilliant and extremely “combative” life. For all that he provided the world – he deserved a better fate at the end of his life.

        My criticism of Reich’s consequential decision late in his life is steeped in admiration and gratitude for the great (but imperfect) life he lived, the important battles he fought and all that he gave to humankind that has yet to be realized.

    • I agree that bridging this gap is crucial. The question is how to establish the connection with these people?

      • That is the question alright. I spend most of my available time thinking about the answer to this question because without some progress in this area, it is easy to see that all the 90 years of painstaking work, starting with Reich to Baker through the ACO of today, will fall on deaf ears and possibly cease to exist in any useful form.

        I wrote in my original comment above ” Only the most appropriate and specific tools of the bio-social psychiatrist’s treasure chest should be extracted and developed correctly for presentation in the social arena to fight this specific battle.”

        There are a quite few implications in the above statement. Here is just one.

        1) Simple and clear communication in the social arena is a necessity when it comes to any subject but especially so with more complex and highly charged matters.

        I use the term bio-social psychiatrist because fellow physicians and many others can easily have a basic understanding who you are and what you do. You are something more than a psychiatrist. It could be easily explained that you have not followed the path of traditional psychiatry which favors using drugs as the cure-all. This term does not require a 5 year course on orgonomy or Reich to get the gist of its meaning.

        In addition, the words bio- short for biology, social and psychiatrist are not particularly threatening or misleading to anyone, They accurately describe the work being done by the medical orgonomists while leaving out the more difficult to understand cosmic realm from the professional title. 3 realms are more than most people can handle so including the 4th for the time being is overkill.

        By including the 3 realms, it allows you to stand apart from the current mechanical and mystical thinking that exists and naturally leads to a basic introduction of functional thinking.

        I think that there has been so much work done by so few for so long that it is always a major challenge to find what is the most important aspect of a problem to focus on.

        At the risk of neglecting other important areas of the work being done at the ACO, I truly believe that the time has come to focus as many resources as possible on the idea of bridging the gap.

        What I have written above is one important area of focus


      • Thank you for your valuable insights.

      • Umm…. Reich warned about the tendency to water down his work and sanitize it to make it more “acceptable” . He told us for example he expected that someday there would be therapists using his techniques but not with the orgasm theory. Trying to water orgonomy down by leaving out the biological energy that circulates in the body and determines it’s health and vitality is on a par with trying to teach students how to work on electric motors and electric lighting systems without mentioning electricity.

        Such an approch would have consequences. The orgone accumulator could not be used. The medical DOR-buster could not be used. The effects of atmospheric DOR on human health and behavior would have to be ignored and forgotten. No research on the origins of life would be undertaken. Medical students would not be taught about the Reich Blood Test as a diagnostic tool. No explanatioin could be given for why a person was sick, or how and why this form of treatment could help.

        In fact, what we would end up with would be exactly the same as the mystical schools of thought that have existed for ages; systems that often include some forms of treatment, accupuncture, etc., that use one or another aspect of the life energy without understanding it, and therefore mytstifying it instead.

        “Defend me from my friends. I can defend myself from my enemies”. That quote is not from Reich. But it could be.

      • “Defend me from my friends. I can defend myself from my enemies”. That quote is not from Reich. But it could be.

        What brought Reich down and reduced orgonomy to a constant effort to have at least a miniscule voice in the world? The widening of the gap orchestrated by people like Dr. Silvert and other fanatics and true believers! A friend is someone who does something practically or advices, at least, something workable in the real world.

  2. The Feds are preparing for the major and, for sure, violent contraction. The economy may collapse at any moment:

  3. An excellent analysis that follows naturally the red thead of a great article (Cancer and Communism). The analogy of how communism/socialism penetrates to society (as a virus) I think is a very precise way to describe the very (infectious) function of this ideology into society and its consequences (destruction of people’s emotional lives). Moreover, the actual way of a virus to marshal a healthy cell in order to replicate its genes is very alike with the way which a pseudo-liberal character (Obama) uses in order to imitate the (political) code of a host society. Look at this example: Obama says to unsuspected victims that they must read the writings of Lincoln, M.L. King and Bible in order to comprehend his political philosophy!!! Actually, they must read quite the opposite…

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