Welcome To Democracy In The Middle East

In his article, “A Bleak Anniversary for the Arab Spring” Thane  Rosenbaum writes  in The Wall Street Journal  January 28, 2013 that while the Arab Spring may have ended the regimes of secular strongmen in many Muslim countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf, these changes have not  brought about the desired central features of a democratic society in any of them.

The question that is never asked is how can Muslim people who have lived under extreme authoritarian rule for centuries be expected to function overnight in any way similar to people living in a modern Western style democracy?  This question, which goes to the heart of the emotional sickness of human beings, lies outside the framework of current medical and sociological thinking.  Without recognizing the emotional sickness resulting from individual and social armor that prevents people from being able to regulate their lives and function freely and responsibly in a democratic society it is not possible to understand why all Arab Spring movements must fail.

Without knowing the answer, the author does touch on this inability of people living in Muslim countries to establish a democratic society.  He finds that the only thing that Muslims in the Arab world seem to be capable of achieving is a limited, short term goal,  to free themselves of their current oppressor.  This myopic vision of the world is, in fact, an indication of the severity of the ocular armor of the masses in the Muslim world, the biophysical condition that prevents them from being able to see and find the way out of their current trapped existence.


  1. Off topic but so illustrative of what Dr. Konia said on this blog. See (and listen to) the rational guy at the right of the screen and look at the irritated frowning of the irrational pest at the left of the screen. The communist character crunches painfully exposed to the light of conservative rationality:

  2. Peter, Glad you posted the link to Dr. Carson’s speech. I was going to if you had not.
    It took both core contact and the courage to express “it” while being in touch with the prevailing irrational social acceptance of political correctness that made this so special and unique in this day and age.

    It would be instructive to those who have a hard time seeing the “character” of Obama and the destructive policies that flow from his particular character structure to watch the entire video focusing just on Obama and his reactions and lack there of to the words and ideas expressed.

    I have waited a long time for someone to confront the destructive nature of this president in a highly visible and constructive fashion. Dr. Carson hit the mark clearly in several of the most critical areas (fiscal irresponsibility, divisiveness of the pseudo-liberal character resulting in congressional impasse, the social destructiveness of political correctness, etc)

    It would be typical of armored human nature to let this treasure chest of rationality (i.e the speech) become just a “feel good” few minutes for the people who actually understood its power. If there is to be any hope of slowing down the Obama pseudo-liberal agenda, someone or several people will need to build upon the foundation that Dr. Carson laid down.

    My “vision” of the role of the bio-social psychiatrist in today’s pseudo-liberal infested world would be to go through a video such as this one and provide a functional analysis for public “consumption”. It is a gold mine.

    This could be done on a weekly or monthly basis (using other high profile videos or newspaper articles) with the hope of eventually establishing some much needed social credibility for the work being done by a very specific group of psychiatrists who have been well trained to provide a clear understanding of how the deeper bio-emotional realm of the individual influences the more superficial social and psychological realms.

  3. Another look at the Middle East:


    The decline of Islam. In Iran Islam is already dead. In Saudi Arabia people are forced by the police to attend the mosque. The question is what will fill the void?

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