On Recognizing the Emotional plague and the Solution of Christianity. July, 27, 2022.

How can the emotional plague be recognized as a malignant human disease that exists endemically in everyone when the importance of emotions in determining human life is not recognized and understood? Recognition of this social pathology is perceived as a threat that comes up against the narcissistic defensive integrity of the armored masses of people. People cannot recognize the existence of the plague because they perceive it as an attack on themselves.

The problem of recognizing the emotional plague was partially solved by Christian dogma through the mystical concept of original sin. In order to be a true Christian people had to mystically believe that they were sinners that were “born in sin” and that through belief in Jesus Christ the savior their souls after death would be saved from eternal damnation.

This solution was only partially correct. Through functional thinking we know that people are not sinners “born in sin”. They become sinners as a result of armor formed in childhood. The emotional plague is a real physical disease, not a mystical abstraction. Therefore, the correct solution to humanity’s sick condition is to replace people’s mystical concept of “sin” with the functional term, emotional plague.


  1. Hi Dr. Konia, thank you for this and for your other recent posts trying to help us to focus on understanding how political polarization is a manifestation of the emotional plague. I find this to be a very eye-opening and helpful observation, an example of things one wonders to oneself why one did not really perceive before you pointed them out (but then you explain that as well!).

    Would it also be correct to say that the concept of original sin has helped people to at least partially understand their guilt feelings (intuitive awareness of plague-like sensations in our own bodies), and that other aspects of Christian ideology and practice help people to manage those feelings?

    Would it also be true that POLITICAL ideology is an attempt to manage feelings of guilt arising from an intuitive awareness of one’s own individual armor and the plague-like sensations that arise from it?

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