“The Consequence of the Anti-authoritarian Transformation of America”. July 22, 2022.

In America prior to the 1960s, almost all members of both political parties together with the electorate were united in their feelings of loyalty and gratitude to be Americans. Around this time there occurred an infestation of politics from the far left into the public mainstream and the attitudes and feelings of people toward America began to change. America started to become polarized along the political lines of the left and the right. A person’s personal, individual ideas were turned into socio-political ideas. However, the issues that were used to be polarized had and still have nothing whatsoever to do with politics!

People seeking political solutions has become a symptom of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian era. It is overdetermined for several reasons:

  1. People are conditioned to think about their personal problems as politically based social problems. 
  2. This way of seeing outwardly and thinking about social problems politically is a defense that prevents people from looking inwardly at the important personal problems in their lives that need to be addressed.  
  3. The focus on politics maintains peoples illusion that politicians are the ones with the answers to social problems. It puts the mindless public in the hands of self-serving politicians.

Therefore, the pathological, functional relationship between the politicians in power and the public at large in today’s highly polarized society is one of attractive opposition.

Although the polarization is publicly recognized, most people are not aware that it was the result of the social disease, the emotional plague, that is responsible for the generally unrecognized transformation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian. The social disease first invaded into politics in the 1960s and has already destroyed the basis of the two party system in America. Thanks to the successful activity of the political far left, it is in the process of eliminating the entire nation in front of everyone’s eyes.


  1. How can I differ what is political or what is individually caused.

    • The science of politics has to do with the administration of the state. Before there can be a true science of politics there must first be an understanding of the layering of the bio-psychic apparatus as defined by Reich in the Mass Psychology of Fascism.

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