On the Destruction of the American Nation Through Politics. June 28, 2022.

America is being destroyed from within in front of everyone’s eyes and no one is able to see the operation of the emotional plague at work. People’s inability to see the destructiveness that is happening must be recognized as a major ocular symptom of the armored masses of the American people. The deterioration of the American nation will continue to accelerate and ultimately bring about its demise. This tragedy will certainly happen unless a sufficient number a people “wake up” and see the destructiveness that is happening before it is too late.

Respect and gratitude for living in this great nation and loyalty to America no longer means anything to an increasing number of Americans today. Therefore, the first and most important step is for people to focus on their ocular disturbance, on people’s inability to see the existence and the reality of the emotional plague in operation, the deadly social disease of armored humans that is destroying our country. The political bickering and looking for solutions on the left and the right, which plays into the destructive objectives of the emotional plague for America, must stop. This is a major, unrecognized bio-social disease manifesting on a national scale, not a political one that can be “fixed” by politicians.


  1. Do you think the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortions is itself a manifestation of the emotional plague?

  2. Can one say that politics draws always the wrong barrier lines and that the aim of orgonomy is to draw the functional barrier lines both in society and in the individual, making orgonomy just as “practical” or, rather, way more so than arbitrary political activism? Or as Reich wrote: “I believe that there is nothing more important today than to discover the human side of plague-ridden people and to contrast it with the fascist plague in the same people” (AMERICAN ODYSSEY, p. 352).

    • One hasbro separate out the rational function of politics as a primary human social function from socio-politics, an expression of the E.P.

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