The Entrance of the Emotional Plague into Early Child Development. July 30, 2022.

Before the transformation of western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian and accompanying the contributions of Freud and Reich, the science of early child development was on a natural developmental course. It was possible at that time for authorities in the psychiatric profession to distinguish what was generally healthy and sick emotional behavior.

With the transformation this knowledge together with individual authority was completely abandoned. Today, what is considered healthy, natural child development is in the province of any self-proclaimed expert in the field. As a result, all forms of childhood and adolescent behavior, no matter how pathological, have become considered “normal”, unrecognized symptoms of the emotional plague breaking through to the social surface and creating social havoc in today’s anti-authoritarian society. By generating confusion, the plague is eliminating standards of healthy and pathological human behavior in front of everyone’s eyes. Its goal is to destroy the existing social order and replace it with its’ own ideology. Examples include the legitimization of homosexuality, transgenderism and other forms of pathological human behavior as natural forms of healthy social behavior. The plague’s function is its goal of being in total control of social life.

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  1. Perhaps another aspect is that by becoming LGBTQ+ the white kid, cursed by privilege, has its only chance to become part of a minority and, thus, legitimate. A kind of perverse Marcuse-ian “sexpol,” I guess. Orgonomy is the only rational alternative. Everyone of your readers has the obligation to make your, Dr. Reich’s, and Dr. Baker’s work more widely known! It’s the only chance like Reich in the late 1920s and early 1930s vis-a-vis Austrian fascism and German national socialism.

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