The Strategy of the Emotional Plague

To understand what is currently happening in today’s world, recognizing the existence and operation of the emotional plague is necessary. Without this understanding nothing that is happening can make any sense. The strategy of the plague is to generate confusion and immobilization in its victims. For example, the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movements generate confusion by pretending to be for their stated goals of caring for blacks and opposing fascism, core functions of life. But, in fact, their true motive is exactly the opposite, to organize and use these political movements as weapons to destroy what still remains healthy in American society .

An understanding of the three layers of the bio-psychic apparatus is also necessary. The emotional plague always seems to be operating from people’s biological core. This is how the plague legitimizes itself as genuine. But it originates and is expressed through the social surface from people’s destructive middle layer.


  1. One of the “problems” in being able to think functionally is that a sufficient degree of core contact is necessary. One does not necessarily need to be aware of “being able to think functionally” in order to do so. In many respects the capacity to think functionally is quite simple once the individual with sufficient core contact is exposed to the basic concepts of functional thinking.

    There is another “big problem” in being able “To understand what is currently happening in today’s world”
    The best way for me to describe this problem is to first relate my personal experience with those close to me who have sufficient core contact. They easily see the destruction created by the current manifestation of the EP and can identify the EP characters and their supporters. What they lack is a historical functional perspective of how and why we have arrived at this point in time. It is this lack of understanding that to some degree keeps them “caught in the present” and only able to see “the surface” of the problem.

    During this “EP eventful” year it became clearer to me that in order to truly understand what was going on in the big picture from a functional point of view it was necessary to stand back and view the present from the perspective of the “3 layers” of the greater social realm.

    The present represents the surface.
    The “stage” of the battle between the EP and health is the middle layer.
    The core is an accurate historical perspective of the evolution of humanity.

    In brief form I would describe the evolution as such:
    Humanity 1.0 is the period B.C.
    Humanity 2.0 represents the great stride forward that occurred from the concept that Jesus put forth “look in the mirror” (i.e. the problems of humanity lie within the individual)
    Humanity 2.0 is coming to an end (from a historical perspective the end phase could last decades or millennia). Wilhelm Reich was the first to discover and document the scientific reasons why this was so. With the knowledge that flows from functional thinking it was possible to see that with the discovery of human armor the only way forward to Humanity 3.0 was through functional thinking.

    The way forward may be preceded by the second dark ages if the EP is victorious in the current battle (i.e “David” represented by the approx 70 million in one part of the globe along with a scattered few million elsewhere vs “Goliath” representing the EP characters and their billions of unknowing supporters).

    Another possibility is that in the short term David is victorious in keeping Goliath from grabbing complete control and the functionally thinking cavalry emerges to save the day. This would allow for a more orderly transition to the much longed for Humanity 3.0. where functional thinking takes its rightful place at the center and in the heart of the greater social realm.

    • The lack of perspective that you mention is an ocular problem in the masses.

  2. Reading Dr. Konia and Steven brought me to this line of thought:

    The plague pretending to operate from the core: It’s always about „pureness“ race- or class-related (or both as in Korea, China, and Indochina). It’s always about culture and in the last analysis about religion. Religion being nothing but distorted core-contact.

    Therefore politics is of no use in the fight against the plague. Or as Andrew Breitbart said: “Politics is downstream from culture.” Culture in turn is nothing but an expression of our core feelings (take classical music like Beethoven or Wagner and their deep connections with the development of both black and red fascism!). In this sense the fight against fascism is inseparable from our connection with the cosmic orgone energy ocean (“God”).

    One only has to read the New Testament with “orgonomic eyes!” Only that the battle is not mystical but, e.g., against Hollywood (incl. the whole of the entertainment/ideology industry) which used to be an inspiration by telling the Christ story in ever new variations. (Reich loved it!) Today it is nothing but a cesspool of confusion and downright “satanic.”

    How the (pre-Puritan) Christian Church fought its “spiritual battle?” Most of all with aesthetics (architecture, music, paintings, sculptures, poetry). Christianity was a “Gesamtkunstwerk”: it WAS “Holly-Wood!”

    • Pretending to operate from the core is a symptom of mysticism, again an ocular problem.

  3. Hopefully the strategy of the plague has failed this time. She seems to know what she is talking about. Let’s see.

  4. I saw & loved this. Clear eyed exposition of the evil machinations of the EP. The election was rigged for sure, but will they eye blocked masses allow it to happen? I fear they will.

  5. I saw & loved this. Clear eyed elucidation of the evil machinations of the plague. But will the largely eye blocked American public allow this to go forth? Sadly, I think not.

  6. Not sure why this posted twice?

  7. The Prime Minister of my country Mr. Mitsotakis has congratuled Mr. Biden as the next US President already. Mitsotakis is the leader of the conservative party in Greece. He is a characterological liberal who serves pseudoliberalism as an useful idiot. This pattern permeats North America and Europe. The only hope for the Western World is if the Supreme Court in the US orders a redo election. This has never happened before, but almost everythng that is going on now hasn’t happened before either. I am still hoping.

  8. This a perfect illustration of the operation of the EP

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