The Three Sacred Cows, Then and Now

In the past authoritarian era prior to around 1960, a person’s ideas on sexual matters, religion and politics were the three sacred cows. People’s social armor was intact and they were nobody’s business. In today’s anti-authoritarian era, because of the breakthrough of people’s destructive secondary layer to the social surface and with the shift of the social mainstream to the far left of political center, they have become everybody’s business.

The leftward shift was a symptom of the emotional plague’s continued invasiveness, through political activity, into society as more people have been taught to believe in political answers to social problems that have nothing to do with them. The upshot is that today, with Biden’s election as President and the far left media supporting him, the emotional plague from the far left is within reach of gaining political control of America.


  1. So, where does this logic fit in with our public discovery of the plague of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church and most recently the Boyscouts of America suffered on our American children. To which of your three sacred cows do these events and their discovery belong? Sex, Religion or Politics? How sacred indeed is privacy that is forced on a child by a predator? And if it is a social problem that is addressed by people it should not concern, then what is the alternative? These are meant to be taken as ironic questions in order to expose the very backward idea that freedom is founded on privacy rather than knowledge, and social responsibility. (As for Biden ‘s LEFT, it’s more to the right than any functioning democratic socialist government in Europe today.

    • It would help if you became familiar with the layering of the armored human bio psychic apparatus, the superficial layer, the destructive middle layer (the realm of the devil) and the biological core from which all manifestations of healthy life originate. The sexual abuse of children that you mention originate from armored people’s destructive middle layer. It has nothing to do with natural sexuality that originates from the biological core.
      The problem is that in armored people sexual impulses from the biological core as they pass to the surface meet the destructive secondary layer (armor) and become distorted and expressed (acted out) on children as sexual abuse.
      A clear distinction must be made from which layer of the bio psychic apparatus does an impulse originate.

      by some adults to children.

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