The Emotional Plague’s invasion and destruction of medical practice

These are the steps to take:

  1. In psychiatry, destroy the reputation of its standard bearer, Sigmund Freud and eliminate contact between doctor and patient, the doctor-patient relationship. Replace it with psychopharmacological agents as the treatment of choice.
  2. In medicine, eliminate contact between doctor and patient and replace it with mindless, robotically trained “specialists” to be in charge of patients care and lives.

In one stroke, by eliminating the physicians opportunity to have contact with his patients, the emotional plague operating in sick humans is destroying the life of the medical profession and, to make matters worse, both the masses of the patient population and the medical professionals are too clueless to see the destructiveness that is happening.




  1. Not sure if this is applicable but this doctor makes a somewhat similar reference to the state of modern medicine in the first 35 minutes of the video

  2. A destructive blow at the medical profession is a blow against human life because doctors support life.
    A blow against psychiatry is the most pointed blow against human life because psychiatry overall is the medical profession most attuned to the impediments against human health and fulfillment. Psychiatry is the profession best armed to fight the emotional plague, a sickness of fear and hatred that clamps down on life and renders humans merely mechanical and mystical.
    The plague is the death-in-life slavery of mankind.

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