The Coronavirus and the Emotional Plague: Further Thoughts.

The destructive social effects of the coronavirus and the emotional plague are identical. Both are medical conditions that can be highly infectious and invasive. The virus destroys life of the individual and the plague destroys life of groups of people, society. Both destroy life by generating confusion, immobilization and isolation in its victims. For example, people’s confusion and anxiety about how to deal with the epidemic generates opposing views and to political chaos, the emotional plague.


  1. here is a link to an article that describes where we are from a clear thinking conventional point of view….it is easy to fill in the “blanks” from a functional point of view without changing much of what is written……this kind of accurate historical presentation seems to be beyond what most people can absorb and integrate emotionally. One of the reasons could be a combination of ocular armor exacerbated by the social agreements (i.e. social armor) in our anti-authoritarian society. Another is the unconscious terror that most have of black fascism due to their inability to distinguish between the rational aspects of traditional authoritarian rule and the complete irrationality and destructiveness of black fascism (i.e. emotional plague from the extreme right) as a result of anti-authoritarian indoctrination. As such they have an over abundance of tolerance for the irrationalities of modern “liberalism” morphing into red fascism (i.e. anti-authoritarianism)
    Dr. Harman gave a wonderful and easy to understand presentation back in the 90’s of the different kinds of authority along with the etymology of root word of authority (i.e. “author” original meaning “to create”). It opened my eyes to much of the anti-authoritarian indoctrination that I had unknowingly acquired in the 60’s and 70’s.

    • Thank you.

  2. A different perspective: The coronavirus (probably nothing but just another flu) induced mortal fear needlessly, there are people who liked to see people in senseless fear, and the lockdown is the central dream of the emotional plague come true: the quenching of life. The Communists (pseudo “liberals”) see this as a further opportunity to destroy “capitalism.”

  3. Peter
    “a different perspective” or maybe the only rational perspective that will emerge.
    “Induced Mortal fear” may turn out to be the trump card that trumped Trump’s agenda. A new emerging potential danger (expressed by the majority of people today including conservatives) is the “need for everyone to be united” in this “fight” and to be “safe” as the government restrictions loosen.
    The important question to ask is united about what and safe from what?
    In Canada (where there are on average 770 deaths a day from any cause), of the 900 deaths to date from Covid-19, approximately 1/2 have come in senior or old age facilities (this was confirmed by the health minister a few days ago). If you add the number of people who died with the infection but had serious underlying conditions the numbers dwindle so low it could bring a sceptical person to tears (i.e. measures taken compared to what actually unfolded).
    I wonder how many suspected Covid-19 infected patients upon learning of their conditions have had anxiety/panic attacks that led to severely troubled breathing and were placed on respirators?

    • You are touching upon the relationship between the EP and the coronavirus.

    • The hysterical attempt to do SOMETHING might do more harm than good to corona patients: In a way the emotional plague (“hysteria”)) killed them!

      Also, look at my city/state of Hamburg, the only state in Germany which does post mortems for all corona deaths. They discovered that there was not a single corona death. People died with the corona virus in their system but the corona virus did not kill a single one of the “corona victims.”

      And even if poeple would die of the corona virus… Well, people die!!! With the same logic we could stop all traffic world-wide because of all the fatalities or have a shutdown every influenza season. “Every single life is to be safed!” Sentimental liberal BS. That’s Communism, i.e., the shift of the Christian promise of immortality to the material world – the pseudo-humanitarian pseudo-materialist mysticism of the pseudo-liberal.

      • touche Peter

      • The whole krypto-religious project of the (pseudo) liberals was always to erase death. In Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China fatalities, suicides, any kind of death of normal people did simply not occur – it was not reported in the media. Ultimately collectivist life, where no real social bonds were allowed (to hinder the formation of “factions”), was heading for a state where people come and go constantly – and nobody dies. No-one sees anyone dying and death is never mentioned. Paradise on Earth. The same with the strange corona hysteria in today’s pseudoliberal West: since the liberal lost his faith in a life after death (or that he is part of an ocean of living energy) he has to conquer death even at the cost of destroying the economy of a nation. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • The first step is to deny the vital importance of emotional life. We are well into that stage with the triumph of psychopharmacology.

      • So clear thought here! An amazing bright light in this black Medieval Age of Medical Fascism! A crazy world where – as I watch in my country – EVERY death becomes a tragedy under the name of this strange illness. And none can question about this craziness because he maybe go to an asylum like a lawyer in Germany! This is the reverse thinking of real science. A world that is governed by pseudoliberals and megalomaniacs like Bill Gates who like China and follow China as a paradigm.

      • The Journal of Orgonomy has a column on the EP in everyday life. What you describe is an example of it.

      • Solzhenitsyn is alluding to is the anti-authoritarian transformation of Western Nations.

  4. April 23
    Despite all of the harmful unintended consequences of the “shutdown”, it is somewhat encouraging to see a plethora of high level respected professionals from many walks of life write articles that expose the plague-infected bureaucrats’ running the show and the many ill-conceived and unconstitutional decisions taken. To date these lone voices are not necessarily aligned into a common front but as the numbers increase it can only help to provide a more accurate assessment of what has occurred.
    Unfortunately Trump did not have the necessary knowledge and a clear headed medical team of experts to guide him through the decision-making process with this new virus. He unknowingly got caught in their trap and I am not sure there is an easy way out. Even if he came to realize the mistakes he made in following such poor data and indoctrinated experts I am not sure that there is a way to admit the errors and come clean. He is boxed into a bad corner and I hope it turns out well for him in November because the alternative is not good. The opening up America plan is just an extension of panic/fear based nonsense and will lead to more confusion and bad decisions.
    Crisis usually reveals character type (individual and socio-political). There is one benefit from the last few months that may occur. Some of the population may see that lurking beneath the surface of things is a menace that surrounds and infects our social institutions, politicians and so-called bureaucratic experts which may be very dangerous to your health and well being and I am not referring to Covid -19.

    • Another of my favorite quotes seems quite applicable today in lock down
      Alexander Solzhenitsen
      “This social pressure to conform is not simply an annoyance. It is a petrified armor around people’s minds.”

      • Solzhenitsen was in touch with ocular armor

  5. His life experience with communism (gulag) and the lack of rational reaction by the media and academia (useful idiots) in the U.S. when he came to America in the 70’s to tell his story helps explain what we are witnessing today with the over reaction to the corona virus. The petrified armor around people’s minds had intensified over the last 40 plus years and the danger posed by “this armor” is very real going forward.
    It would have been quite helpful if Trump could have had some “anti-communist” experts like Diana West (American Betrayal) along with some functional thinking economists on his Task Force who could have warned of the inherent dangers in over reacting to medical advice from deep state doctors. A little perspective at the beginning of this process would have helped avoid the unnecessary mess and unintended consequences.

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