The Coronavirus and the Emotional Plague: II

People’s contactless state, prevents them from having a sense of the plague’s existence unless it erupts as an epidemic and is evidenced in a physical manifestation, such as a virus, for example.

In his novel, “The Plague” (1947), Albert Camus excellently describes a fictional account of the appearance and disappearance of an epidemic of a pestilence in an Algerian City and people’s characteristic ways of responding to it. In it, there is a striking resemblance between his fictional account and what is happening today with the coronavirus. Then as now, once the wave of the epidemic runs its course, it will be considered to be over and people will again go about their business as usual as if nothing ever happened. And the emotional plague will continue with its daily destructiveness on humanity as before.

Nothing will have been learned from what happened and nothing will have changed for the better.


  1. Thanks as usual for your important and most welcome insights Dr Konia! Clearly there is an emotional plague component playing out with this pandemic, The forces of the plague appear to be using it to quell living life (ie: endless quarantining) not to mention promoting their own nefarious agenda of bigger and ever more powerful government. But am not clear how exactly is the virus itself a “physical manifestation” of the EP?

    • You’re welcome. The plague destroys the emotional life and the virus destroys the physical life. They are both life inimical.

  2. Hi Charles Konia. You should go talk on the Unslaved Podcast. They are into Wilhelm Reich but have not done a podcast exclusively on that yet. I sent them a copy of your book. That would be a great episode!

    • Thank you!

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