Don’t Fall for the Brooks Brothers Facade.

In William Mc Gurn’s ” April 28, 2020 article in the Wall Street Journal,”Communists in Brooks Brothers”, the writer warns about Western liberal’s naivety regarding the Chinese Communist’s pretense at becoming Westernized. He states that it is a serious mistake to believe that, “… just because communists traded in Mao jackets for Brooks Brothers and sent their children to Harvard Business School, they would be transformed into Jeffersonian democrats who play by liberal rules. Instead, the Chinese Communist ruling class has learned it can have it all.”

All except truth. What communists most fear is being exposed and the only reason for their existence is to have power over people and crush their lives however, wherever and whenever they possibly can.

But, Communism is only one of the many pathological social symptoms of armored humans. Before the communist threat can be successfully treated, the existence and destructive function of the underlying disease, the emotional plague, must first be recognized and understood as a real medical condition so that it can be effectively exposed. The inability to recognize the existence of the emotional plague and of the communist threat are symptoms of people’s ocular armor.


  1. Dr. Konia
    I just had the pleasure of reading the excerpt from your forthcoming book Clueless in the Journal of Orgonomy that arrived in the mail today. I am looking forward to its release.
    Another of my favorite quotes from Alexsander Solzhenitsyn came to mind as I read the extract.
    “Once I used to hope that experience of life could be handed on from nation to nation and from one person to another but now I am beginning to have doubts of this”.

  2. The emotional plague of China’s red fascists first suppressed the outbreak of the corona virus in the media, wasting valuable time. 95% of the spread could have been avoided if these gangsters had reacted in time.
    The whole thing is reminiscent of Chernobyl.

  3. Don’t forget North Korea and the current ham farce:


    Americans are broadly naive about evil, assessed Malice.

    Malice remarked, “Americans are very, very privileged. Americans don’t know what evil is. Americans don’t understand how depraved people in power can be — even American presidents at their worst — so they are so used to perceiving things in their own narrow prisms and through their own narrow context.”

    American ignorance of evil is linked to a “John Stewart Daily Show kind of attitude,” Malice determined, describing such persons as “members of our population [who] are trained.”

    Malice added, “This is also why I love talking to Christians because Christians do understand that evil exists.”

  4. Another gem …

  5. It is easy these days to come across a plethora of well written thoughtful articles on the over reaction to the most recent viral outbreak. The one I have linked below is the most “poetic” and sums out the current predicament perfectly.

  6. Steve, I read the americanthinker attachment link. Cancer and heart disease are not communicable. They result in death and the human losses from both result in grief for those who remain alive and remember the deceased.

    Covid-19 seems to have hit all at once. So some degree of mass and heightened care may be appropriate. Having said this, there is, to me, a feeling that a net of socialism has been dropped which I believe was underway prior to Covid-19, and which now surrounds us here in the U.S. This it causes me more than casual concern. I am really unsettled by the goings-on, shutting down businesses, prolonged loss of income and perhaps the permanent closure of some businesses, etc.

  7. Judy, its true that those examples are not considered communicable diseases. The author, in that instance, was referring to the amount of other deaths compared to Covid-19. There are many other articles and videos from respected professionals that point out that the deaths “somewhat” related to Covid-19 are not much different than other viral infections. In addition several medical professionals have explained that the normal course of action in a pandemic would be to quarantine the vulnerable, not the healthy. Unfortunately in this case the opposite was done.

  8. Steve, thanks for your feedback. Judy

    • Judy, I don’t want to flood Dr. Konia’s blog with a slew of articles but I thought that this one might be interesting and give some perspective. It is from the New England Journal of Medicine dated Feb. 28 (see link below). In paragraph 3, it states the following:
      “This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”
      Dr Fauci is a co-author of this article.
      Strange that the lockdown would come in March a couple of weeks after this article It is reasonable to ask why was there was no risk assessment of what the lockdown might produce compared to the medical information included in the Feb. 28 article.

      • Steve, I am fine with my view of matters and I want to close this discussion with you. Thanks. Judy

  9. Steve, I really did ‘get’ that the author was referring to the amount of other deaths compared to Covid-19. I am sure you are right when you point out that there are many views/opinions about Covid-19. For me, and I did not say so directly before, there is a huge collapse underway and it is creating a chaotic state of affairs from which I fear no meaningful recovery will be possible. We are experiencing a huge social shift which will have lasting impact. And I will now add my opinion that the legalization of marijuana is compounding the matter more than a bit. It is deadening people to what is going on and it will worsen over time. This deadening (blunting) of feelings and emotions will cause people to be followers rather than eyes-open creators who try to unravel the problems facing us now. And then it will just be too late. All terribly sad and perilous, in my view. It is “what to cry about”, and I do. And it is an appropriate gut reaction.

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