On The Government’s Handling of The Coronavirus

In Social Orgonomy, knowledge of the three layers of the human bio-psychic apparatus is indispensable. These are the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the superficial layer or facade. A natural function of government is to protect the lives of it’s citizens from harm. Therefore, the government’s current handling of the coronavirus threat is a necessary, natural (core) function.

People’s confusion about the natural functions of human life, in particular, and of government, in general, results in the invasion of the emotional plague into the social arena. In particular, the plague thrives on the public’s confusion over the difference between natural drives from the biological core and the secondary drives from the destructive, secondary or middle layer.

This confusion allows every possible human need, natural or pathological, to be included as a natural right that requires protection by the government. This is a way of armored thinking that allows the plague from the political left in the form of bureaucracy to infest and become institutionalized in a government ready to “protect” the people.


  1. In the article of Edward Chatstka “A functional View of Drug and Alcohol Addiction” in the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 51 Number 1, he does not mention the genital primacy. In the “Psychoanalityc Theory Of Neurosis” by Otto Fenichel, Kegan 1946, pag. 377 he writes: “Analysis of drug addicts shows that genital primacy tends to collapse in those persons whose genital primacy always has been unstables”. Can reach genital primacy resolve drug addict?

    • If I read correctly according to the orgonomic writings drug use is a kind of self-medication for orgastic impotence but instead it reinforces oral (socialist) dependency; true, it weakens muscular armoring but due to orgastic impotence this, by necessity, leads to more anxiety made up for by more ocular armoring. Prohibition and, most of all, an anti-drug culture (“Simply say NO!”, i.e., be an ADULT, BE IN CONTACT) is the only solution. People have to face their anxiety and deal with it like adults. Taking responsibility for one’s own life is the beginning of the way to genital primacy (productive work alternating with genital pleasure), away from the contactless and neurotic infantile oral and ocular miasma of drug addiction. A sense of purpose and meaning in life, national borders, cultural identity, pride, and identity helps because it reduces the anxiety while today the left and big industry (and their propaganda branch Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC etc.) does anything to set free more and more anxiety. Interestingly almost any commercial for sweets, soft drinks, etc. on TV is advertisement for drugs. Eat or drink this and your brain will explode in happiness and in an orgy of colors.

      • Thank you, Peter.

  2. Recent statistics have emerged from an Italian state medical association showing 1) the median age of the deceased to be 63, with mean in the 80’s, and 2) 68% had from one to three co-morbid factors (i.e., cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions); significantly, only a tiny percentage of deaths were co-morbid lacking. This points to an already severely compromised immune system, which was overwhelmed with an additional assault from the virus. However, this is not the general population, and one must ask, what is the most effective epidemiological weapon to use against it? Is it what Trump and other world-leaders are demanding—a shutdown of most activities?

    If the statistics show that the elderly and weak are the ones who are at risk, why not isolate them instead of everybody else, as this would be clinically superior? Do we (the healthy) have to take the “punishment” also to show that we are not prejudiced and are politically correct? It is gutting the basics of quarantining, much as was done during the AIDS epidemic, blaming everyone for the disease, even though it was strictly limited to two subgroups (and never spread to the heterosexual population), and thus foregoing quarantining.

    Much like the emotional plague demand for “equality” (communist) which “flattens” the reality of people’s differences (i.e., affirmative action, the prohibition to profile criminal groups, and the equalization of all sexuality on par with heterosexuality), shutting down the country due to a minority who might be infected is backwards. We need to do all that is humanly possible to protect the vulnerable and save them, but there is also a limit to the damage that the country can accept for this role, Society needs the important bio-energetic activities of love and work, which entail unimpeded contact with one another.

  3. thank you for the comment Ed. I agree and no matter how this turns out the precedent that this “unanimous” reaction and strategy sets for the future seems quite dangerous. If only we could get such agreement on quarantining emotional plague characters and recognizing emotional plague behavior and activity.

  4. I agree completely with you Steve. Reich in his last years appealed for institutionalized protection from the plague (epilogue in “The Murder of Christ”– “On the laws needed for the protection of life in newborns and of truth”.)

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