The Breakdown of Responsibility in Anti-authoritarian Society

In the past authoritarian society (prior to around 1960) the idea of people being responsible for themselves was clear. People became responsible around the legal age of 18. At this time young people became ready to work for a living, learn a trade or get a degree of some kind, marry, start having families of their own, and vote. Young men became eligible to serve in the armed forces to protect their country etc. At 18 years of age young people were considered to be and were treated as adults.

With the destruction of the authoritarian social order there has been a breakdown of individual responsibility. In today’s anti-authoritarian society with the breakdown of the authoritarian family and of social order, there is widespread confusion about what age young people are considered to be responsible adults. Many 18-year-olds today have not yet reached a state of emotional maturity where they can be considered responsible adults capable of taking care of themselves and having a family. They often remain at an arrested state of emotional development well into their third and fourth decade.

Yet, even as prep-school and college students they are led to believe that they have the right to tell their teachers and professors what their curricula should be and to know what is best for others in society. The anti-authoritarian educators are an extension of the same mental state as the parents of these young people. Both behave destructively and irresponsibly in their respective roles as educators and parents. They are biophysically incapable of bringing anything in terms of guidance and experience from the past for the benefit of the younger generation.

The confusion regarding the problem of responsibility in today’s anti-authoritarian society is not just another way of eradicating human history. It is a form of psychic repression manifesting in the social realm and another symptom of the emotional plague. Take away the past and young people have no way of orienting themselves to having any importance and meaning to their lives. Their cluelessness places them at the mercy of emotional plague, leftist political ideologues to be in control of directing their lives.


  1. Have to agree. But, when I started therapy as a younger person I was into “ideas”. I thought good ideas would save the world and that if we all tried…we could work together. I don’t feel that’s possible anymore…especially in a town like L.A. where there is such diversity and competition for “attention”. It’s so sad what’s happened. I just want to get out of L.A. but I’m extremely worried about being “cold”. Last winter here was cold enough and I’m afraid I won’t be able to adjust to a colder, wetter place. But I have to “get out”. I despise living in cities — and I notice most of the orgonomists have offices off the beaten path too.

  2. The biosocial anti-authoritarian transformation was in sync with economic globalization. The latter also undermining the possibility to live as an independent adult early on because of lack of jobs and an income with which to support a family. An income which enables the male to support his wife so that she can raise the kids independent from the state and give them the necessary love, warmth, and orgonotic contact instead of giving them away into “state custody” with its socialist indoctrination from the childcare center onwards. A custody which further undermines any self-regulation and, thus, perpetuates the anti-authoritarian mindset.

    It’s like an unholy alliance between capitalist big industry, “wall street” (black fascism) and socialist ideologues (red fascists). An unholy alliance which tries to undermine and ultimately destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. Both hate America and her discernible culture. The same with any WESTERN nation in this world.

  3. The age of adulthood in the USA was 21 until the 1970s, when it was lowered to 18, following the example of several European countries.

    • From a study on transitioning to adulthood in the 20th century U.S.:

      “In broad strokes, twentieth-century transitions to adulthood can be sketched as follows. In the first 50 years of the century, young people pro-longed the process of becoming adults. Many left school and joined the workforce as teenagers, but they delayed leaving their parents’ houses and marrying. Their transitions to adulthood were characterized by the reciprocal reliance of young people on adult households and, in turn, of adulthood households on young people. The transition to adulthood shortened after the Second World War. Young people delayed the onset of transition by remaining in school longer than their predecessors, and once they began the transition to adult hood, they quickly departed from their parents’ houses to establish their own residences with spouses. In this period, young people made decisions about marrying and establishing their own households at especially young ages, either while they remained dependent upon parents or very shortly thereafter. Finally, beginning in the mid-1970s, young people once again lingered in transition to adulthood. They further delayed the end of school and established transitional households after they left their parents’ houses but be fore they married. In this era, young people entered the work force en masse in their early twenties, but many remained in school for another half-decade. They were the first twentieth-century generation to make decisions about marriage and establishing procreative households in positions of relative autonomy from their parents.”

      • What you describe is the anti-authoritarian transformation that started in Europe following WW I. What I am saying is the transformation that happened in America following WW II a half century later. The transformation and degradation started in Europe before it spread to America. Both World Wars were partly responsible for what happened.

      • According to your research the antiauthoritarian transformation after Reich’s death was due to the failed „sexual revolution.“ On another scale something similar happened in World War One when both the Austrian and German empires as well as the Entente where confronted with the issue of venereal disease on a mass scale and had to openly and officially introduce contraceptives (condoms). That was the very first time sexuality was freed from its complete repression. Millions of young men were freed from there suppressive environment and its control. It’s also no coincidence that Reich experienced orgastic potency in the embrace of an Italian women for the very first time at a front,, which was one of the most brutal, inhumane, and nihilistic.

      • Peter,

        You are on the right track.

  4. Dr. Konia, I think that the birth control pill greatly disturbed the natural biological function as well as the social order of the time. The young were relieved of any responsibility for their action, and, at the same time, rejected a parental authority based on responsibility. Is this correct?

    • You are right that the birth control pill did not address the underlying problem of young people not being taught how to be responsible for their emotional including sexual lives. The central problem of peoples emotional lives still continues to be evaded.

  5. Sanders in his essays quotes Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Reich as writing about a ‘very definite about the link between emotional and sexual health, and cancer.’

    The Bernie Sanders / Mike Bloomberg feud might usher a new wave of attacks on orgonomy!

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