The Eruption of the Emotional Plague through the Social Surface

The members of the Far-left’s arrogance and contempt for America and her institutions was revealed by their shameless behavior at the impeachment trial of President Trump. It must be seen by everyone for what it is: an actual symptom of a disease, the emotional plague of sick human beings.

Also, the impeachment trail was not primarily a political event. Politics was merely a pretense and the instrument that was used to advance the Far-left’s (a.k.a. Communist’s) agenda to destroy America and replace it with a Soviet-style, armored, socialist society.

Few people in or outside of the political arena can understand what is happening in politics because the existence of the emotional plague and its origin from the destructive secondary layer of sick humans remains unrecognized by most of the public. Stated differently, what is happening in the political arena is not just about “politics”. People must first become familiar with the existence of this destructive, secondary realm of armored humans, the province of the devil, which contains their emotionally based evilness. (Incidentally, this is why the disease is called the emotional plague.) The public must also become aware that this emotional plague is a serious medical disease of sick humans because it is actively and aggressively operating to destroy what still remains healthy in our society. Today, the emotional plague is using the extreme ideological agenda of the Far-left as its weapon of destruction. It must be recognized and treated medically as a highly invasive social infestation by the public and by the functional medical epidemiologist.


  1. Having read several times everything you ever published naturally I did not expect much from just another blog entry for the general public but this sentence struck me or, rather, woke me up like the ringing of an alarm bell in the middle of the night: “Few people in or outside of the political arena can understand what is happening in politics because the existence of the emotional plague and its origin from the destructive secondary layer of sick humans remains unrecognized by most of the public.” To REALLY realize that all this political stuff, which consumes so much of our attention and determines our whole life (both our external but also our INNER life), is actually a medical problem or, more precisely, the problem of containing, managing, and curing resp. preventing an extremely dangerous ACTUAL infectious disease (worse by far than any Coronavirus) – if this does not shake you in the depths of your structure you are already dead. We look in utter horror to China but we should feel much more horror when we switch on the daily news or open a newspaper, listening/watching/reading about politics and politicians.

    THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE – as someone interested in orgonomy one reads about it constantly but to really wake up and to see that these are not just letters but that it is an ACTUAL contagious disease…

    BTW: The story of Dr. Li, the discoverer of the Coronavirus, to be compared with the fate of Dr. Reich.

    It would be optimal if there were a youtube channel where an orgonomist could react to such events and, thus, reach a wider and younger audience.

    • Peter,

      You got it!

  2. Yes, exactly. People are sick…the way I see it (to put it poetically, at least in my poetry) people have clouds (even a cloud in a rainforest jungle) before their eyes and in their heads so they cannot see; and then they have a throat block between their heads and their bloated “sick” bodies/especially guts that makes them look like hypnotized sleep-walkers, walking they not know where because in reality they have layers of sickness within their bodies…something blocking life…but akin to the cotton in an orgone-energy blanket (a representation to me at least). This might sound confused or unscientific but to me makes sense because I KNOW how sick most people are. They’re not connected to their bodies and senses — clouds of cotton and god knows what else is blocking them (we need movement everywhere in the body). We are kin to the sky and cloud-cover however…I can see it at least. Thanks.

  3. So close to our reality but so distant from the people’s heart! I KNOW from the deap of my heart how right and so crucial your words are Dr Konia but I am also so pessimistic about the condition of modern world. May God help these seeds find the way to grow!

    • Amen.

  4. Dr Konia, thanks for this most incisive post! What is interesting is that so many conservative writers/pundits have depicted the actions of the far left as” irrational”, a “sickness”,” insanity” and an actual “mental illness”. So close to the actual truth, yet apparently so far. Reconfirms that the conservative has some core contact, albeit distorted.

    • Exactly.

  5. Wow, great Elliott! Liked how you said that, “the conservative has some core contact…but distorted”. Insightful, but piercingly so. Thank you.

    • Thank you Stephanie! It would be so nice if we could somehow meld the conservative’s core contact with an actual (medical) understanding of the plague. Now that would truly be a breakthrough in addressing this emotional disease.

    • It’s absolutely astonishing how close some conservatives are to social orgonomy: „The president’s fighting for people,” said Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). “[Democrats] are fighting for government control, and it scares them to death to think that individuals might actually be able to control their own destiny.”

      Some decades ago German conservatives always said “Freiheit oder Sozialismus!” – and people laughed about their alleged infantile idiocy. Today everybody is a socialist and they take away even our “Freiheit” (freedom) to speak. Chancellor Merkel “ordered” even the annulment of a parliamentary vote in one of the allegedly independent German states as if the constitution does not exist. The terror of Antifa did the job. You wake up and you realize that your country heads straight on to the Archipelago Gulag!

      “…it scares them to death to think that individuals might actually be able to control their own destiny.”

  6. Thinking about Kanzlerin Merkel it just occurred to me that Pelosi (the third person in the United States!) actually was tearing apart The Constitution. This was the real symbol. This was not just a childish act IT WAS A THREAT! A declaration of war on America herself! Whether this was an open threat or “just unconscious” does not matter – it was character-structural, for sure. The real problem is that “the masses” did not see what was done right before the eyes of every single American citizen!

    If America is lost everything is lost! GOD SAFE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  7. Peter
    I agree with the urgency that you express in the above comments. Sufficient core contact combined with a reasonable amount of historical perspective and the desire and ability to focus on the essential when it comes to the current manifestation of the EP are the necessary attributes needed to begin the process of containing and eventually destabilizing the operation of the EP in the greater social realm.
    I hope that the public education program by the ACO focuses on the aspect of the EP that I believe can help bring more people to the functional point of view without the need to focus primarily on the bio-emotional basis of the disease. That aspect is Dr Konia’s labelling and description of the anti-authoritarian transformation of American society in the 1960’s. I think that this subject can help reset people’s focus from the ever distracting political “surface” view of the problems at hand and give them a real “clue” about what is going on beneath the surface in greater social realm. It also naturally draws people inward as they reorient themselves to clearly see the distinction between the individual and social destructiveness of anti-authoritarianism and the need for rational authority.

  8. Oh, God, here I go again. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…but blaming it all on the woman? Nancy Pelosi? This seems like a re-telling of the biblical story…”Woman caused all the misery.” Is this really so? Tell me, And I’ll try to change…of course, I’m not getting surgery so I get balls and male genitalia. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • The disease, emotional plague, can infect anyone, male or female.

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