Why Don’t Psychiatrists Deal With Emotions Anymore

The emotional plague of mankind has gained a stranglehold on the psychiatrist and on the psychiatric profession. The psychiatrist’s treatment today is entirely mechanistic. No longer is he interested in the patient’s emotional problems. His focus is exclusively on the quantitative properties of the patient’s symptoms and “drugs of choice” are “tailor made” to eliminate them. Since emotional symptoms are qualitative properties, they cannot be measured and are therefore ignored by the psychiatrist in his evaluation and treatment.

The mechanistic approach of the psychiatrist goes along with the need of the typically clueless patient who is mystically conditioned to look for the cure-all contained in the “right pill”. This alliance of the mechanistic psychiatrist with the mystical patient functions as a barrier and a dead end for the psychiatric profession. It is another manifestation of the emotional plague in people’s everyday lives. For the treatment of the emotional component of the patient’s disorder, the patient is referred to a mystically oriented, lay psychologist or social worker to complete the equation of the plague’s operation.

From a functional perspective, quantity and quality are property’s of the patient’s biological orgone energy. They are two components of the patient’s emotional life. The medical orgonomist is trained to address both of these components in the treatment of the patient’s emotional disorder often without medication using the functional approach of medical orgone therapy.


  1. Very true and also true is how deeply alarming this is. I would think that such psychiatrists are not in touch with how dead they really are and how unable they are to truly help the patient.

    • They are as clueless as their patients.

      • I am sure of it.

  2. The psychiatrist functions as a “soft cop”, to make the patient conform to a sick society and fullfil it’s demands such as working under conditions that no healthy organism would tolerate and obeying irrational laws. The real aim of psychiatry is no diferent from that of the police officer. Psychiatry has partially replaced religion in this respect. A psychiatrist is an agent of repression who uses oither methods than the police or clergy but has similar goals. That is why the courts frrequently sentence a convicted person to undergo psychiatric “treatment”.

  3. If I understand your functional equation of orgonotic contact correctly orgonotic excitation is functionally associated with perception which has two fundamental variations: emotion (functionally associated with relative motion in the form of pulsation) and sensation (functionally associated with relative motion in the form of the spinning wave, the “energetic orgonome”). Why only “emotional plague” and not “sensational plague?”

    Also: according to you, emotion can transform into sensation (“red fascist plague” like in mechanistic “drug” psychiatry) and sensation can transform into emotion (“black fascist plague” like in religious “therapeutic” cults).

    Or do I confuse and mix-up something which should remain separated?

    Since both emotions and sensations are feelings the emotional plague should actually be named “feeling plague?”

    • Prefer emotional plague. This was Reich’s term and see no reason to change it.

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