The Underlying Contempt and Arrogance of the Far-left for America

The far-left seems to know better than the law of the land, The United States Constitution, what is best for everyone. In the Impeachment trail against Trump, they pretended to follow Constitutional Rules but they did so minimally only as a formality. Now that he has been acquitted of any wrongdoing, they will not stop their attacks on him because the Impeachment Trial was only a ruse. There was never any genuine interest to determine whether or not he had committed any crime.

It is easy to conclude from the events that the motive force behind the far-left’s desire to destroy Trump is simply based on their hatred of him. However, it is not only Trump that they want to destroy. They hate the entire system of the American Nation upon which the Constitution is its foundation. The far-left, communist has nothing but disrespect and contempt for the Constitution and they have the arrogance to believe that they have something better to replace it with. Therefore, it must first be destroyed as the law of the land. Break down the rule of law and what you have is social chaos and mass destruction. Everyone’s opinion is as good as everyone else’s. This is a typical communist tactic that has been used time and time again to gain political power over people. This is a manifestation of the emotional plague.


  1. Yup! “Rules for Radicals”, Saul D. Alinksky. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  2. Dr. Konia, your blog entry is simply expressed, accessible to anyone, and should be spread far and wide. The only problem is that people will ask, “O.K., but what the heck is ‘emotional plague?’” You use the common word “cluelessness” instead of the technical word “contactlessness.” Can’t there be another, maybe even better, word for “emotional plague?” Reich also used the term “Seelenpest” (soul plague). From Reich’s writings about the plague, where he always stresses the “hiding,” maybe “Hinterhaeltigkeit” would be an option: deviousness, furtiveness, disingenuousness as a contagious plague of the soul. These three words describe perfectly the behavior and actions of the Democrats as you describe them.

    • “Hinterhaeltigkeit” means verbatim “ambushing-ness.”

      “Vindictiveness” would also be an option for “emotional plague.”

      “Devious vindictiveness?”

      With such words emotions are addressed and, thus, understanding facilitated, while “emotional plague” is a rather dead expression, emotionless ingo.

      • I think the best way to get the meaning of the EP across is by showing that is is the same as a medical plague, like the bubonic plague, in the psychosocial realm. It attacks the emotional life of a person just like a medical plague attacks the physical life.

      • Bubonic plague like other diseases is treated with antibiotics. What would be the equivalent “treatment” for an individual infected with the EP? It seems to me that there really is no parallel treatment as there’s no known cure for EP, other than exposing & possibly isolating it?

      • Public education and exposure are the only answers I can come up with.

      • Looking at the term “emotional plague”, from the point of view of people outside of Orgonomy, I have the same concern. The term puts all emotions under a bad light, and that can turn them off. My understanding of EP is that it is a pernicious, surreptitiously, concealed attack on the psyche, by a psycho-killer, that otherwise does no apparent harm to the body, with the intent of destroying the reputation of the targeted individual, an attack on the core meant to discredit and serve the sole egoistic interest of those who have long ago abnegated their own core function and cannot bear being reminded of it. However the term EP is suitable when addressing the medical community, as Dr. Konia does.
        Could the term “psycho-killers” be used informally. in brackets, after “emotional plague”. or “emotionally plagued psycho-killers” or simply “the psycho-killer plague”? Soul or psycho-killers, murderers, slaughterers? or Psychic or Soul-vandals, battering, defilement, injury,distress….? Although, “soul” has a religious connotation, psyche may be better..

      • Public education of people’s emotional life will help them to be in better contact with the EP.

    • I studied Reich, Baker, Mathews, Konia et al. for more than four decades (even translating some of their writings) and still I have a hard time to really grasp “emotional plague.” I somewhat know what it looks and feels like but it is so difficult to grasp “intellectually.”

      The neurotic stops the excitation in himself/herself especially by literally controlling his/her breathing. The person suffering from the emotional plague ALSO stops the excitation in others, so that ultimately nobody can breathe freely, figuratively. “A suffocating social atmosphere” is created by the emotional plague. This mechanism spreads so easily because neurosis created a fertile ground. Love and happiness should be contagious but because people are armored hatred and misery spread from human to human targeting everyone who and everything which excites and, therefore, poses a threat. Life is attacked viciously because, for armored humans, excitation means nothing but pain and suffering.

      As Mephistopheles says:

      “I am the spirit that negates.
      And rightly so, for all that comes to be
      Deserves to perish wretchedly;
      ‘Twere better nothing would begin.
      Thus everything that that your terms, sin,
      Destruction, evil represent—
      That is my proper element.”

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust – Part One

      It’s really astounding that it seems to be impossible to come up with a better word for “emotional plague” since all great literature deals with nothing so extensively as with the emotional plague! Why Shakespeare, Goethe, Melville and the rest never came up with a term pinpointing this most important phenomenon of armored human existence?

      Only Reich!!!

      • The problem is not with the term, emotional plague. The problem is with people’s cluelessness about their emotional life.

  3. Dr. Konia, you are spot on, as usual. Judy

  4. Somewhat off topic but hardly completely off topic:

    An example of the emotional plague in leftist academia: their organized campaign to ruin the reputation of a young scholar. While these attackers certainly believe THEY themselves are the ones fighting the emotional plague (racism and “biologism,” i.e. the ultimate evil.

    Also of interest to compare the faces of two distinct groups of politicians:



    so-called “liberals:”

  5. One of the problems facing orgonomic functionalism is its nomenclature. Peter’s example of the problem with the use of the term “emotional plague” as the label for the biosocial disease that is destroying our society is a perfect example.
    Dr Konia explains that “it attacks the emotional life of a person just like a medical plague attacks the physical life”.
    The term “emotional life” is not understood in today’s society and even in the time of Reich it was misunderstood. Many relatively rational high level thinking conservatives do not clearly distinguish between primary healthy and secondary destructive emotional expression. The liberal usually confuses sentimentality (sensation) with emotion.
    In order to overcome the misunderstanding in today’s world about the use of the word “emotional” in the descriptive name of the disease a lot of thought, design and trial and error would have occur. By design I mean how would one change the label for the disease and while keeping it integrated and coordinated with the overall nomenclature already established in orgonomic functionalism?
    My colleague and I had an idea several years ago that was related to this topic.
    Combining the “karate method of teaching format” (i.e. start newcomers at the white belt level) and the youtube 5 minute video formula we envisioned 81 boxes of 5 minute videos. There would be 9 functional topics across the “homepage”. One of the topics for example could be “contagious biosocial disease”. Once you clicked on the topic of choice a white belt level 5 minute intro video to that topic would play. If you were still interested in that topic you would be directed to the level two video on that topic etc etc all the way down to level 9. At which point the term emotional could be introduced with a much greater chance of comprehension by the user.
    We thought that this might be a way to attract people of all ages to the subject matter of functional thinking and ultimately to the ACO, Orgonomy and the term EP
    If this was under taken it would be a very big, costly and time consuming project. Unfortunately there are no short cuts or quick fixes when it come to the problem of the lack of knowledge about the EP.

    • Public education in the science of social orgonomy that will be given by the College will explain why the term, emotional plague, is the correct one that must be used. Reich chose this term because it is the most accurate for describing the disease. In this connection, the biological importance of human emotional life can be brought to people’s awareness.

      • Dr Konia
        I personally agree that the term is the correct. My point is not to change the term or over analyze its use. It is more about how to make contact with the public in a way that the term can be understood the way it is intended.
        I am not sure if it is just my experience with the people I have reached out to over the course of my adult life but the reaction from a broad range of people with respect to age, intelligence, social standing etc has not yielded any attraction, positive reaction or further inquiry. I have handed out many booklets of the extracts from your book and again no positive results. Maybe the my sample size is too small to draw conclusions.
        I hope that the College and you get the results you are hoping for and richly deserve with the upcoming public education program.

      • The problem we are facing has to do with people’s cluelessness. They are now more than ever out of touch with their emotions and psychiatrists only make matters worse with their mechanistic approach. We’ll see what will happen when “Clueless” comes out hopefully some time this year.

      • Looking forward to reading it, best of luck for its success

      • Thank you, Steve.

      • Aside from Reich, the emotional plague was perfectly described in 1968 for the world to hear, by the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil.” It is a magnificent song both in the breadth of the lyrics describing the plague, the rousing music, and finally the haunting but relevant background chorus. The missing component in this song is the “How”–where does it arise from and why? This we know originates from sexual guilt and frustration, facts that were misapplied by the radical Left via H. Marcuse, N. Brown.

        Although this song was a gigantic success worldwide and millions of people have heard it, it did not have the effect of a Clarion call on the masses even though a great secret of people’s inner life had been revealed.


        Also worth viewing a live performance if rock and roll suits you:

      • Thank you.

      • Thank you! Please keep up the good work Dr Konia. One hopes your upcoming book provides clues to the clueless. Im really looking forward to it and, as always, hope it reaches a large audience who are starved for answers to the craziness of the far left.

      • You’re welcome.

  6. Thanks, Ed!


    • You’re welcome Judy.

  7. Good observation, Ed. The title could have been “know your Enemy”

    • Thanks, I would just add to “Know your enemy”, “He resides within yourself”. I think Jagger was trying to say that, and makes me wonder if he read Reich; Dylan certainly did as he mentions Reich in a song. I would venture to guess that the answer is yes, as most of the counter-culture was aware of the destructiveness of sexual repression, as sexual freedom was foremost on their minds (the sexual revolution). I think that the song goes beyond the acknowledgement of the Freudian unconscious and into the realm of the emotional plague, which is obvious through the verse, ‘Who killed the Kennedy’s, when after all it was you and me”.

      • Good point Ed: the enemy within oneself.
        Have you seen Kate Bush’s “cloudbusting” video? As for the sexual revolution there is a beautiful song by the Hollies “The Air that I breath”:

      • Thanks Maurice.
        I do know Kate B’s song and video with Donald Sutherland–well done.

        Beautiful song by the Hollies, and did not think it was about the sexual revolution, but more about sexual love. If it would have been a successful 1960’s revolution it would have been an “evolution” into the meaning of the song. Curious to know why you it is about the sexual revolution per say?

        A must see movie about Reich’s last years in America, with well-known Klaus Maria Brandauer. Mostly factual, with the important point that it captures the essence of his life and struggles.

      • I agree, Ed, The song is not about the sexual revolution. I meant that the song was released after the birth control pill became available, which brought about the sexual revolution per se,in the sixties. I presume that the song depicts a genital embrace, experienced by the lovers. It would/could have been a successful revolution had it been experienced by numerous others.
        Is the movie you suggest, only in German?

  8. The far left will continue to raise the roof – they will do anything to keep themselves front and center — anything.

  9. Ed, in which Dylan song is Reich mentioned, please? Judy

  10. Thanks, Ed.


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