Communists Are the “Cuttlefish” That Have Overrun the Democratic Party

Cuttlefish survive and thrive by changing their skin pattern and taking on the appearance of their environment. By becoming established members of the Democratic Party and pretending to appear like loyal Americans, today’s pseudo-liberal communists function like cuttlefish in the political arena. Their goal is evil, to destroy the Democratic Party and the two party system so that they can take political control of America.

This spectacle of the emotional plague is happening in full view of everyone because the masses of people do not see the hatred for America that lies behind the communist’s benign facade of “progressivism” and the threat that they pose to our nation. From a bio-psychiatric perspective, this phenomenon occurring in the American people is a highly destructive symptom of their ocular armor manifesting in the social realm as the emotional plague. People simply are not able to see what is happening.

A recent example of people’s cluelessness resulting from ocular armor was shown by Joseph Epstein in a Wall Street Journal article, February 12, 2020, entitled The Democrats Gave in to Radicals and Gave up on Common Sense. Here is Epstein’s conclusion: “What is to be done? No one has a good answer. Perhaps the only hope is that the Democrats put together a nightmare ticket — Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, say, or Bernie Sanders and Kamela Harris -== and the party is so crushingly defeated in November that it returns to its long-lost political senses” (italics added).


  1. What is the cause of insomnia? I have the articles in the Journal of Orgonomy

    • There is no single cause of insomnia.

  2. The problem is something could occur like in 1932/33 in Germany or (in some sense) in 1917 in Russia, a crisis which would flush up “tickets” from hell to victory. Similar to 1929 the world, especially America, is in a state of economic overexpansion, a balloon to explode at any moment. Epstein’s “strategy/hope” smells like Lenin’s “worse is better” which, in turn, is based on Marx’ economic determinism and psychological naivety exposed by Reich in the 1933 MASSPSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM. In crises the panicking masses (going away in their eyes into lala-land, literally) will turn to the most absurd and criminal leader Lenin/Hitler/Sanders instead of opting for the rational (contactful) thing, in this case a business-statesman like Trump who knows how to handle the crisis.

    Both all economic and all “characterological” data indicate this worst case scenario will occur in late 2020: 1933 redux. Reich’s MASSPSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM (especially it’s allegedly outdated first part, the original book from 1933) is more relevant than ever, the marriage of economics and characterology.

    • You have a sense of how the emotional plague operates.

  3. Dr. Konia latest: good comment about “sticking to your guns” (so to speak) or having an opinion. And Nasselstein (always educational). When I first read this comment by Dr. Konia I desired another definition of “red thread”. Then the “mind” jumped to the Joaquin Phoenix controversy — how he could make such a damaging movie “Joker” and still be a decent guy? I decided he’s not “well” but is “searching” and considered himself a medieval knight trying to get thru his armor — not even knowing he has an eye block. I heard a review that Joaquin is a “throwback” actor to an earlier time. Just another little comment coming out of my “thick” brain and shoulder and neck armor. I guess I watch too many movies here in LA-LA Land (Hollywood). Have a good day!

  4. Not only the 1933 MASS-PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM is of current interest but Reich’s whole “sexpol” approach at that time:

    Gay writer Andrew Sullivan says that the Transgender ideology undermines the idea of gay & lesbian rights. (This matches conservatives’ view that transgenderism also attacks heterosexuality & health).
    So what is more important for progressives? LGB or T?

    In times of utter sexual/political (sex-pol) confusion we need Reich’s Sexpol all over again!

    I am tempted to write “Thunderbirds are go!” Really, it’s about time for a big big big orgonomy renaissance!

  5. Again, makes sense to me. My “best friend” in grade school is now no longer a practicing homosexual since his prostrate operation and he laments where people’s minds are at…but he retains enough of the gay philosophy to want to add me to his “family”…which is “almost” fine with me since he reads a lot and we spend hours on the phone discussing his audio-books and my latest “finds”. Right now we’re into Havari (out of Israel) who wrote “Sapiens” since I’m especially interested in some kind of meditation that will relieve my exceeding mental anguish. But, since all the TransGender nonesense came out…my friend is “disgusted” as the rest of us. Hard word — but REALLY — you want to do that? What about your health is all I can say. I don’t know any who’ve had the operation…but to me it’s just another way the doctors can make money. So, why not have an orgonomy renaissance? If “they’re” out…why not us? Sex is a dirty word these days is all I can say. And women need to get HEALTHY. My friend lives in Castro and I live in L.A. so I’m not in that much physical contact…but I am a bit afraid of what “cat fighters” they can be. I tend to agree with them when they get mad at someone at the gym for obvious ignorance like spitting in the pool or something. Over and out.

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