The Far-left’s Systematic Destruction of America

The systematic destruction of America by the emotional plague through political activism of the Far-left, in front of everyone’s eyes, is eroding our society in every possible way and yet few people are able to take a step back to see what is happening. Here are some of the ways:

Emotionally, by eliminating feelings of heart-felt love for America.

Historically, by the destruction and rewriting of America’s history.

Geographically, by the elimination of America’s borders.

Economically, by eliminating the free market and replacing it with the socialist state.

Developmentally, by delayed emotional maturation.

Educationally, by replacing individual freedom of thought with groupthink.

Morally, by giving every kind of human thought and behavior equal value (“different strokes for different folks”).

Psychologically, by pretending to be pro-American.

Politically, by infiltrating and controlling the Democratic Party resulting in the destruction of the American two party system.

Socially, by destroying individual authority and replacing it with the collective authority of “Big Brother”.

All of these symptoms of the emotional plague are the result of a single cataclysmic event, the transformation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian.


  1. How do you reconcile “feelings of heart-felt love for America” with Reich saying, in Mass Psychology Of Fascism, that “nationalism is due to an unresolved maternal tie”? It seems Reich would not consider such feelings to spring from an undisturbed contact with one’s core.

    • Love of America is not nationalism. It comes from the biological core. The nationalism that Reich is talking about in Nazi Germany was from the destructive secondary layer.

  2. In Mass-psychology of Fascism (Wolfe translation, pages 226-227) Reich speaks of “Soviet patriotism” and “Wotan patriotism.”

    Work democracy has no truck with such “patriotisms.” In fact, the appearance of such aphrodisiac patriotism is a sure sign that rational social guidance has failed. The love of a people for their homeland, the attachment to the soil and to a language, are too deep and too serious human feelings to be made the objects of political chicanery. Such aphrodisiac patriotisms do not solve one single factual problem of the human society of working people, they have nothing to do with democracy. Where trashy pathos appears, there is fear among those who are responsible. (all emphasis added)

  3. Dr. Konia, This post is so clear and so right. It is brilliant. You said everything that needs to be said. Thank you. Judy

    • You’re welcome, Judy.

  4. What I really like about a post like this is the simplicity of the presentation of the facts and how all encompassing it is. Not easy to boil down the essential amidst all that needs to be said at a time in history like this. This post is a masterpiece.
    Thank you

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