The Politics of Homosexuality

It is not enough that the function of genital heterosexuality has been minimized by placing it on a social par with homosexuality. The next step in the process of degradation is to eliminate the emotional and biological importance of genital heterosexuality altogether by attempting to scientifically demonstrate that homosexuality is biologically determined.

These attempts have been unsuccessful. Taking into account all the genetic markers that may play a role in homosexuality, one international team of researchers found that genetic variation could account for up to 8% to 25% of same sex behavior in the population studied. When they pooled all the markers to come up with a score for an individual person, the genetic variation explained less than 1% making it practically impossible to predict a person’s sexual orientation behavior based on his or her genome.

But studies such as this one are not enough to convince some people that homosexuality has nothing to do with a genetic predisposition because they have an ideological predisposition to believe otherwise. Like it or not, the inescapable conclusion is that, as of now, the only known factor that determines homosexuality is environmental. Understanding the psycho-sexual factors that determine childhood sexual development would go a long way in providing this knowledge (see “Man in the Trap” by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D.)


  1. Thank you, Dr. Konia

    • You’re welcome, David.

  2. Do you have a source for this study?

  3. There is another possibility.

    . Human sexual responses and gender identification are controlled by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This part of the brain can sometimes be damaged or fail to fully develop before birth. inappropriate choice of sexual object or subjective feelings of belonging to the other sex result from this prenatal brain damage.

    This form of prenatal brain damage or failure to fully develop has become much more common in recent decades due to the contamination of the environment and food supply by radioactivity from bomb tests and man-made chemicals that mimic the effects of hormones in the body during gestation.

    The huge increase in homosexuality in the 1960s followed closely on the heels of the open-air nuclear weapons testing program from 1949 to 1963 when the first children born during the high fallout years became young adults.

    Since then there has also been a big upsurge in the production of gender-bender chemicals used in manufacturing of plastics, for example. Together, these biological factors account for the increase in recent times of the symptoms of hypothalamus defect.

    A further issue is the people who as adults, sometimes after having been married for many years and having had several children, suddenly “discover” they are gay. I would ascribe this to a minor stroke that they did not notice, but that damaged their hypothalamus. This is, as one would expect for a minor unnoticed stroke, especially common in people undergoing extreme stress, such as in military combat or in prison.

    Both homosexuality and gender dysphoria are conditions that should be regarded as having a physical cause: brain damage, usually prenatal, not a social or psychological cause.

  4. I realize such conditions long pre-date modern industrial chemicals or radioactive fallout in foods or in the environment, but that does not mean my hypothesis is invalid. The possibility of pre-natal damage to the hypothalamus from other causes still existed in ancient times. It is only in recent decades that there has been a large increase in cases over and above the former “normal” numbers that have always existed that I was attempting to explain.

    This is true of almost all diseases. There has always been a certain amount of a disease, but in modern times, co-incident with the increased pollution of the environment and / or food supply, there has been an increase in many of them. The fact that such diseases existed in previous times does not invalidate the hypothesis of their being caused by modern pollution, only that the causes in former times were less obvious and less common.

    Reich took over from Freud the theory of social causation without examining it and in his day that may have been the most probable theory available. The biophysical discoveries that I based my hypothesis on have been made since his time and he could not have anticipated them. Freud was educated in the 1870s and Reich was in medical school in the early 1920s, so they could not be expected to be familiar with neurological discoveries made in the last few decades.

    I do agree there is a lot of socially-caused insanity going on these days. But in the case of increased incidence of homosexuality and gender dysphoria I would tend to go with the brain damage hypothesis as being most in keeping with Occam’s Razor.

    But ideas have consequences, and a physical cause of a condition means it is not likely to yield to psychiatric treatment. This is generally recognized in the case of homosexuality, for example. That in itself supports the possibility of a physical cause.

    On the other hand, there has been an increase in homosexuality in the very insular and traditional Mormon culture in very staid and conservative Utah, where the social changes in the past generation have been much less than in other places. That too would indicate a possible physical cause.

    INAH 3

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