The Functional Understanding of the Idea of Soul

There is always some reality to all human ideas no matter how mystically distorted they are. The idea of the soul is such an expression of mystical thinking because a biological function (people’s contact with their biological core) is replaced with a psychic, otherworldly idea (“soul”). Demystifying ideas by finding the core of truth in them would go a long way to help people not to become confused and infected with the emotional plague. It would also be an approach to teach them how to think functionally.


  1. Dear Dr. Konia,
    as a result, the heavens would have to be the distorted perception of the core, and hell the secondary layer.
    Am I looking that right?

    • Dear Robert,

      That is right.

    • In the Western, strangely „materialistic,“ church Heaven and Hell are figured out as kind of “places” way up in the sky and way down into the ground. In the Orthodox view “Heaven” just means being eternally close to God, while Hell is the eternal separation from God. The soul without sin (“armor”) feels only pleasure in the glaring light of God’s love. For the sinful (“armored”) soul this very same light is pure torture. Because it cannot give in and resonate (“to the orgonotic streaming”) it is constantly torn apart.

  2. The demystifying process that you wrote about in this post is an example and an important part of finding a common language with the conventional thinker. I believe that the nomenclature of this common language will be a crucial factor in efforts to bridge the gap between the functional thinker and the conventional thinker.
    For example the conservative views the liberal as someone who is driven by “emotions not facts”. To clear up the conservative’s misunderstanding of the word “emotion” a reference must be made to the distinction between the expression of primary healthy life positive emotions and secondary destructive emotions. The words and terms that are used to communicate these ideas, if successful in reaching their goal, will form the common language that can take hold in the greater social realm and will eventually help undermine the emotional plague terms that now dominate.

    • The problem of semantics is crucial

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