Why is the Emotional Plague Not Seen? Part II

The emotional plague is a scientific term that has two components, a somatic one, emotional destructiveness, and a psychic one, evil. It can appear on all levels of social organization from individuals to groups including political parties. People resist recognizing the existence and destructiveness of the plague partly because the disease is present in latent form and can appear in anyone under the right circumstances. Moreover, both components must first be recognized in oneself before one can have a true understanding of the plague’s destructive operation in others. A further obstacle is that, until recently, a functional understanding of human emotional life in determining social behavior, both healthy and sick, has not existed. This knowledge is made available to the public in the new science of social orgonomy.


  1. Dr. Konia, would you say the Socrates, Jesus and Reich were victims of the emotional plague? I understand it as an anti-life attitude, one where the plagued individual has so armored himself that the presence of genuine individuals in their midst becomes unbearable, so they chose to derogate, deprecate or eliminate them in order not to have to face the monster they themselves have become (and wish to remain), compared with what they could have been. Does this come close? Also the term “emotional plague” seems to put all emotions in the same basket. Could you clarify? Thanks.

  2. In the editorial of the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 49 Number 1 you state “Unlike in the past autoritharian era, the temporary use of medication is often necessary.
    In these times, improvement in contact, to be able to see and think more clearly
    about the world, may be all that the patient requires “
    Is still true?

    • Yes.

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