Our Fractured Nation

Accompanying people’s breakthrough of unconscious emotions from their destructive secondary layer to the social surface, the result of the anti-authoritarian transformation of Western Society, their personal ideologies have emerged to become a powerful socio-political force. As a result, the American Nation is in jeopardy of becoming fragmented and destroyed along ideological, partisan lines of the right and the left.

The ideology of the political right stands for conserving what remains and is of value in the life of the American people. This includes their feelings of love for the American Nation. The ideology of the political far-left stands for a wholesale rejection of these values and emotions. Under the guise of “progressivism” its goal is to dismantle American democracy in a stepwise manner and replace it with a top-down socialist governmental system reminiscent of the defunct Soviet Union.

Like any infectious disease, the emotional plague survives on destroying healthy forms of human life. Always present, it thrives when unopposed and it recedes when recognized and counteracted. The far-left’s ideological destructiveness of American life is being done deliberately, systematically and brazenly in front of everyones eyes and only a few people are able to see its evil and the social pus that it produces.




    • You’re welcome.

  2. Your blog entries look simple but, actually, they are deeper than complete sociological and political libraries. This entry could be the best you ever wrote on your blog. Everyone should do everything humanly possible to make “charleskonia.com” more known!

    • Thank you, Peter.

  3. As always your posts are spot on & helps to shed light on why most people are blind to the obvious evil that is being perpetrated by the far left. Thank heavens for Trump who, as despite his at times overblown rhetoric ( & tweets), seems to sense that which you speak of, namely the far left’s infection by the Emotional Plague. The spearhead of the plague appears to be the so-called “Squad”, & he to his credit, he goes after them as often as he can. Also, his attacks on the complicit news media are much needed & effective as well. Sadly though, the plague marches on & unless he gets more support on the social-political front, I fear he’s fighting a losing battle. Dr Konia, your splendid work needs much greater exposure for sure! How to accomplish this is the question.

    • I wish I had an answer to that problem.

    • Elliott
      There is just so much that Trump can do and amazing to witness his capacity to work compared to the rest of the politicians he has to deal with. It will be one of the “hidden gems” from his first term of office. I guess he had good training dealing with the characters in the NY real estate scene.
      Taking a step back from the current political scene it is important to remember that the left’s infection by the emotional plague has been in the making for at least 100 years in the U.S. The resulting damage has been slow, very effective and is now in full bloom. In order to slow down and eventually stop the deterioration from the current manifestation of the plague a form of effective communication (i.e. a common language) will have to be developed between the functional thinker and the conventional thinker who share an understanding of the presence of the plague condition that is threatening “healthy” life
      I have recently read dozens of articles predominantly if not all by conservative writers who have used the term “plague” to describe the current socio-political situation. An article from the New York Post.com by Michael Goodwin was entitled “Rot of journalism ethics at the New York Times has turned into a leftist plague” is a good example. One of the major hurdles in sharing common cause vs the plague with the rational thinking conservative for the functional thinker is trying to combine the word “emotional” with the word “plague”. The understanding of the word emotion for the functional thinker is quite different than what it is for the conventional thinker. This is the first of many hurdles to overcome from a “common language” point of view and without a common language it will not be possible to do the work that needs to be done with regards to taming the beast that is the emotional plague in the greater social realm. Even with the monumental discoveries, work and writings of Reich, Baker, Konia and other functional thinkers there remains much to be done in hopes of eventually bridging the gap that exists.

      • To add to my comment above regarding the use of the word “plague” in many articles, barely a day goes by where this reference is made in a serious well written article. Here is an extract from BruceThornton’s article entitled “NY TIMES’ 1619 PROJECT PUTS SLAVERY AT THE CENTER OF AMERICA’S FOUNDING
        Rewriting history to pave the road to 1984.”
        Both incidents definitively reveal that the cultural bacilli that erupted during the Sixties have at last destroyed the minds of some of our most prestigious and powerful institutions. More important, such a degradation of history is one of the preconditions for the plague of tyranny.

      • Steve, much appreciate your response to my post. I think a good start would be to characterize EP as an emotional sickness, kind of a knee jerk response by a guilt ridden, tormented, helpless individual. A person unable to tolerate the expansiveness of free think & individual liberty. I think there are many conservative thinkers/pundits with large audiences who might give Dr Konia’s ideas a platform. Folks like Mark Savage, Mark Levin, & Tucker Carlson are trying mightily to push back on the mounting storm that is the plague. Diana West’s AMERICAN BETRAYAL delivers a penetrating & startling look at the evolution & infiltration of socialism in US government starting back in the 1930’s and onto today. It’s an amazing book with the imprint of the Plague all over it. Perhaps they & their ilk would give Dr Konia a platform. It would potentially reach an audience in the millions in some cases. Am I being naive? Perhaps, but something needs to be done to give his & the science of Orgonomy (at least with regard to this most important issue) exposure a wider audience.

      • Elliott, thanks for the feedback
        Regarding the conservatives we both have referred to, I am not so sure that the specifics of functional thinking, Dr Konia’s ideas or orgonomy would be well received. This is not a criticism of Dr Konia or orgonomic functionalism but more a commentary on my understanding of armored human society over the millennia. When you broaden out the audience one has to take in account the social agreements that govern the greater social realm and we know from Dr Konia’s writings that we have transformed into an anti-authoritarian society. I believe at a minimum, functional thinkers must first develop a strategy and language to deal with the landmines that exist in the greater social realm before attempting to do what has never been done before, in my opinion, in human history (i.e. “healthy life’ using the knowledge that flows from functional thinking to defend itself from and “defeat” an outbreak of the emotional plague before some form of death itself is imminent). In other words, when the plague begins to establish itself in the greater social realm, human beings rarely rally to defend healthy life until the last possible minute and sometimes then it is too late.

        I have no idea how to formulate anything that could change things quickly so once I got over the excitement of Donald Trump’s challenge to political correctness which was a necessary event to prevent further deterioration, I realized that a mid to long term strategy was needed for two reasons. The first was the fact that politics alone will not solve the problem of the support that anti-authoritarianism has throughout most social institutions and the second was based on the idea that the new methodology of dealing with the emotional plague (i.e. functional thinking) had not been used effectively yet in the greater social realm and a period of brainstorming and the use of “trial balloons” would be needed before any practical attempt could be made to “disarm” the current manifestation of the emotional plague.
        If there were enough people with social standing that had the capacity (i.e character structure, time and desire) to use the knowledge at hand, the times we are living could be ripe for functional thinking to take the lead in helping to deal with the destruction that is ongoing but unfortunately this is not the case.
        As for Diane West, I share your admiration for American Betrayal and have always enjoyed her public speaking events.
        So as not to sound too pessimistic, I consider it a miracle of sorts that Dr Baker was there to carry the ball (and what a ball it was) that Reich handed off to him and reach the goal line (the ACO) with the knowledge intact and undistorted. The odds of Dr. Baker being successfully were so long that no one in their right mind would have bet on the establishment of the ACO and its existence 50 years later. Without this “miracle” we almost certainly would never have had the chance to read Dr Konia’s books or all of the articles in the ACO Journal.

      • Steve, a belated, but no less heartfelt thanks for your well stated, lucid post addressing my concerns. Curious if you or others with a similar outlook have come up with any specific “trial balloons”, as you put it? Many conservative pundits & thinkers have been currently characterising the policies of the far left in terms like” mental illness”, “irrational” “deranged”,, “lunacy”…etc. It would seem these words are a country cousin to the EP. Maybe seeds of common language here? Hope there can be progress here as the plague ridden far left is gaining more ground & becoming more vicious by the day.
        Also couldnt agree more about Dr Baker’s role in keeping orgonomy afloat after what the Plague did to Reich. My life completely changed (for the better I might add) upon reading his amazing book MAN IN THE TRAP. Anyhow, thanks once again for your most valuable feedback.

      • Elliott, I appreciate the kind words. I am not sure if there are many others, and if they exist am not aware who they may be, who actively think about how to take the knowledge that has been developed by Reich, Baker, Konia and others concerning the emotional plague and apply it in a practical way in the greater social realm to deal with its current manifestation (anti-authoritarianism). Obviously from a public education standpoint, the ACO is the only organization equipped to “spread the word” and they are doing all that they can with the resources at hand.
        The hope I have for the future is based on the idea that one day the ACO can develop a branch of Social Orgonomy that focuses on (a concept that I have referred to in the past) the training of biosocial psychiatrists who specialize in the practical applications of dealing with the emotional plague and emotional plague activity in the greater social realm.
        It is in this context that I write about a “common language” and “trial balloons” and finding ways to bridge the gap between the functional thinker and the conventional thinker. Unfortunately for the time being the gap remains a tricky one to close but none the less the work will eventually have to be done.

      • Thank you, Steven. we’re working on it.
        Dr Konia

      • Steve,
        I think Israel has done a pretty good job in exposing the BDS (boycott Israel) for what it really is: antisemitism. Israel tied the movement with hatred, in effect doing what you suggested. I think most normal people realize the loathing in this group, and at minimum distance themselves from its ideology. If I may suggest, the emotion you seek is hate, but in a life-positive fashion.

      • Ed, I actually don’t think “most normal people realize the loathing in this group” and I think their lack of clarity is a symptom of the EP. Your last sentence … ‘the emotion you seek is hate, but in a life-positive fashion” is very well stated and to the point. Judy

      • Ed, I appreciate the comment.
        Israel is an interesting case because its existence has been threatened since its creation so with death being imminent the Israelis generally are more sensitive to and sober about their survival by necessity. The U.S. on the other hand has been under a covert attack and this has made it a little more difficult for the its citizens to see what is happening. Israel is under attack predominantly from the fascist (extreme right) and the U.S. is under attack predominantly from anti-authoritarian communist ideology (extreme left) and unfortunately with a few exceptions people do not take this seriously or understand the dire consequences. Dr. Konia has written about the “effectiveness” of anti-authoritarianism.

    • I agree with what you say. We are on the right track but this is only the beginning in addressing the plague. The word “plague” is a stumbling block for sure.

  4. Thanks, Steve, for this. Judy

    • thanks Judy, it is nice to see more people contributing serious comments on Dr Konia’s blog. It obviously deserves many more

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