Politics is a Symptom not the Disease

From a functional perspective today’s politics is a symptom of armored humans in the social realm, not the disease.

The way that the symptom of politics is manifested depends on the structure of armored society. In the past authoritarian era, social armor consisted in the opposing forces of the political left and the right being in a relationship of attractive opposition. There were roughly equal numbers of the opposing groups in the Democratic and Republican parties. Strongly pro-American, the opposing forces were equally balanced and the political system was able function fairly well.

With the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that began around 1960, this was no longer the case. The transformation was accompanied by the shift of the social mainstream and the Democratic Party to the left of center. No longer united in being pro-American and equally balanced, the forces of both parties became polarized into the anti-America, Democratic party of the left and the pro-America, Republican party of the right. The functional relationship of the opposing forces of social armor changed into one of antagonistic opposition. Because of this polarization the political system became dysfunctional.

With the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, the leftward shift in the political mainstream and people increasingly demanding political solutions to social problems it is slowly becoming clear to more people that politics is not able to provide answers to their problems.

Sooner or later, the masses of people will have to stop turning to politicians for answers and politicians will have to stop enacting new laws to “change” society. We will have to start looking inward into our own, individual character structures for an understanding of our problems. We will have to realize that we are only fooling ourselves when we look outward for the source of our problems and to leftist political charlatans and saviors to save and care for us.


  1. Thank you for this analysis, Dr. Konia.

    A purely has brought almost every patient into the, grave.
    It depends on understanding the biophysical function of the, symptoms.
    Politic activism is therefore no solution of the problem, it only reinforces or shifts the symptoms.

    • I am sorry there is something missing in my comment above:
      It must be corrected:

      A purely symptomatic therapy has brought almost every patient into the grave.

    • You’re welcome

  2. “We will have to start looking inward into our own, individual character structures for an understanding of our problems.” Isn’t the jargon “character structure” a bit too abstract? Also, outside orgonomy “character” always has moralistic connotations. (“Lack of character!”)

    To look inside yourself for answers is, of course, reminiscent of the erstwhile (authoritarian) Christian demand and today’s (antiauthoritarian) Western pseudo-Buddhist suggestion to become aware that you are in this world but not of this world. “To look inside for answers” – can’t you be more specific WHERE to look exactly, FOR WHAT to look, and HOW to look, i.e., with what faculty?

    1) Where and for what? At your bodily and behavioral rigidities (when you are “rigid” socially your neck will be literally RIGID, as well), which also points to your true intrinsic strengths (in this case not to give up and not to give in when confronted with irrationality – “show character”).

    2) How? Endure your anxiety and do not run away like everybody else into contactlessness (for example into alleged “love” for “Jesus” or into emotionless “awareness”).

    1 and 2 point directly to the only kind of true social activism which is rational: to conquer and overcome the emotional plague in you and, thus, AUTOMATICALLY become an active and conscious part of what Reich called “work democracy” which is simply the contact between contactful people. Can there be anything both more practical and more revolutionary?!

    Right? Or do I distort something/everything? Do I miss something?

    • There is no way that I know of to convey the function of contact unless one already has it. My forthcoming book, “Clueless”, was written exactly to address this problem of contactlessness. The words “looking inward” was an attempt to introduce the reader to the importance of the ocular function.

    • I would say “direct your attention inward” and sense your bum on the seat, for a start (if you’re sitting), , sensing any restriction (armour) to the movement occasioned by air entering and leaving the body and continue sensing throughout your body. That is one thing you can do to help reset the self-regulating function of your energy.

      • These are good for improving sensory contact. Because of ocular armor, improving emotional contact is another matter.

      • Dr. Konia, is the chronic tension, in ocular armour, located mostly in the muscles that control eye movement?
        Thank you

      • Ocular armor can involve any or all of the tissues of the ocular segment. This includes the eyes and the muscles connected to it but also the brain, scalp, occipital muscles, facial muscles etc.

      • This is exactly what I mean: by looking inside oneself, by awareness, etc. people mean something completely different than orgonomy does. Namely, “they” by looking inward only intensify their “autistic” sensations to the expense of emotions (which always encompasses another human being: love, anxiety, anger, yearning, and grief). And by orgonomy’s pointing to “character” similar associations are activated in the public, namely, stoicism (without emotion, but “sensational” astute, i.e., “having character”). In this sense “freedom” and “health” nowadays to the public means nothing but being free from love (“attachment”), anxiety, anger, yearning, and grief.P

      • Thank you.

  3. Perhaps one could formulate a down to earth definition of contactlessness and the consequent search for inappropriate political solutions in this way:
    Neurotic phenomena [character defenses] ultimately serve as a defense against anxiety. People are “out of touch“ [out of contact with] with their own anxiety; because of this, they mistakenly search for the causes and solutions to their anxiety in external sources. If people had a better awareness of their own emotions, such as anxiety, they would have a better sense of their own contribution to their problems and what they themselves can do about them.

    What I wrote here is nothing fancy or brilliant; it’s almost boring! But at least it’s simple. I don’t know if this helps or adds anything to the discussion, but I thought I’d give it a whirl!

    • It’s worth following it up. The problem is that people today have been conditioned not to feel anything painful such as anxiety. They have been taught to believe by the pharmaceutical industry with the help of mechanistic psychiatrists that painful feelings should be “treated” with medication and this is the way everyone should deal with their anxiety. There is a moral twist to this belief that gives it power. This is the operation of the EP.

      • Hi Dr. Konia, can you explain what you mean by the “moral twist to this belief“:

        “They have been taught to believe by the pharmaceutical industry with the help of mechanistic psychiatrists that painful feelings should be “treated” with medication and this is the way everyone should deal with their anxiety. There is a moral twist to this belief that gives it power. This is the operation of the EP.”

        That sounds interesting, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean and how that would be described or articulated.
        I guess you are talking about the “should“? That somehow, people are made to feel guilty or ashamed about their anxiety? And therefore, that they should make it “go away” with medication instead of feel it and express it?

        I tell my patients: “Your anxiety is YOU! Do you want YOU to go away?”

      • Exactly. You get my meaning about the “moral twist”.

      • Thanks, Dr. Konia.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Konia. And I’m thinking that the pharmaceutical industry, just like politics, is also not the disease, but a symptom of the “disease” of mechanico-mystical civilization; which itself is also not the disease, but merely a symptom of the fundamental fear of pleasure that we all carry around inside of us as a result of the painful disappointments we have had in our efforts to reach out towards pleasurable contact with life. THAT fear is the “mother of all fears” which prevents us from thinking and living functionally both individually and as a society, it seems to me. And actually, I do feel it is possible for people to become aware of that kind of fear in a very down to earth, moment to moment way in their lives: the fear of reaching out; the fear of going deeper; the fear of love. There’s nothing scarier!
    In my experience, it is possible to bring people into contact with that kind of anxiety—there’s really nothing abstract about it—, and in the process people can become in better contact with themselves and with what is really going on in the world. We can do this in individual therapy; we can do it in our love relationships, friendships, families and work relationships [the neurotic things that people do to block success] in a variety of ways; and I think we can write about it and let the world know more about it.
    So there’s hope!

  5. Hi,
    what do you think of the situation in Europe, and expecially in Italy?
    Best regards

    • As bad as it is in America it is worse in European country’s. Because of their muLtiparty systems the social conditions there are in a more advanced state of chaos.

      • Dear Dr. Konia, Your answer on the European situation and in particular Italy, does not take into account the social novelty that has ever happened, a cultural movement, founded on responsibility, to go beyond Right and Left, as it is not ideological. The M5S is not a political party, but born to invite citizens to no longer delegate their pathological life to those who have always betrayed them and therefore take responsibility for solving their problems rationally not ideologically. I understand his answer, but not living in Italy, he is not informed of the social novelty, therefore, on the contrary we should study this new attempt, that the pathological system governed by the Emotional Plague wants to destroy, to return, to pathological normality. Good job.

      • Thanks for the information. Good luck.

  6. One cannot analyze one’s own character structure and perceive it completely, this is neurophysiologically in my perception not possible, it is, as impossible, as one would try to tickle oneself.
    That’s why you need an Orgontherapist, a professionell Orgontherapist.
    One should not get struck in superficialities with his analysis.
    What is the function of relating your feelings constantly to others?
    It is an avoidance behavior, in order not to seize the fear or the anxiety, that lies behind it.
    As Dr Holbrook says, it’s all about feeling your anxiety, that’s true.
    I can hardly explain this with words, a person, who has only contact to his surface cannot at all bioligically understand, what I mean.
    Body perception alone does not change the emotional armor at all, as it is in the depth and unconscious, and will only begin to solve, with the cautious solution, bit by bit, of the breathing barrier.
    The emotional muscle tensions on the surface, that many people have or are feeling, though these can be caused secondarily by the emotional armor.

    So one cannot feel his eye armoring, or even analyse it from the brain, as it is mostly unconscious.
    The only way is to feel your anxiety, nothing else.

  7. I am sorry, in my comment above it must be called:

    “The emotional armor has almost nothing to do with the muscle tensions on the, surface, that many people are feeling, though these can be caused secondarily by the emotional armor.”

  8. I would like to add to my comment above, concerning “analysing” other people, you have to be very well trained as a physician, character analysis is only for trained physicians for medical treatment, as it is biophysical surgery, it is not for laymen at all, that means also untrained physicians.

    You can analyse a person only with personal contact, face to face, as you say in Germany, through the phone and through the pants no diagnosis. (Durch’s Telefon und durch die Hose keine Diagnose)

    One may ask which individual functions such lay analyses have?

    • Whom to teach character-analysis is a decision solely the ACO has to make. If I understand Dr. Konia correctly the very purpose of this blog is to educate lay people like you and me about the (character-) structural problem of the world. We, the “common people”, have to see the world with other eyes, i.e., open eyes. This very blog is the center of this New Enlightenment, which is actually the first real enlightenment.

      We live in a dark age, the clueless age.

      • Why do you justify yourself?

  9. Hi,
    what do you think of the situation in Europe, and especially in Italy
    Best regards

  10. Thank you for your answer above on the ocular armor, Dr. Konia.

    It is a functional (bodily) unit of muscle tissue, nerves tissue, connective tissue, even of the metabolism of the body, the brain, you cannot just take out one single muscle mechanistically.
    Dilletantish body therapists are working in my perception in this irrational way, and are trying to manipulate single muscles, which does a lot of harm and health damage to their “patients”.
    Their work in my perception is a expression of the emotional plague.

    So in my perception anatomical, physiological knowledge, vegetative sensation and perception as well as intellectual perception converge in the professionell work of a trained orgonetherapist, who should be a physician.

    You cannot “learn” this as a “technique” on weekend seminars, or just collecting and reading books.

  11. Let me add to my comment above, that a person working in orgonomy, should always have deep rational knowledge of orgonebiophysics.

    In Germany most physicians have no knowledge at all of natural science, this won’t work in orgonomy at all.

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